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Blog Team Reviews

Here's another round-up of recent reviews from our amazing Blog Team.

Turing Tumble

Bible Momma

Amanda says, "I really believe that this Turing Tumble game is a great resource for families right now. It will help keep your children busy, while working so many areas of their brain. It can help your family think and have fun together as a team." Read more...

Usborne Creative Writing Book

The Ranch Woman

Rachel says, "My honest opinion is that this is a wonderfully written, well illustrated book that will help your teenager learn how to write creatively. It get’s a 5 star review from me!" Read more...

You Can Draw It in Just 30 Minutes

Homeschool Happenings

Jennifer says, "My 11-year-old daughter had a lot of fun drawing with this book. She liked all of the helpful tips, techniques, and hacks given to help make drawing a bit easier. Often time it took her right at 30 minutes. She was quite proud of her final accomplishments." Read more...

Math Wrap-Ups

Cosmic Montessori School

Jeni says, "Wrap Ups are portable, take up little space, and are quick to complete. I like that the numbers are randomized; we’ve been doing a lot of skip counting lately, so these help make sure the facts are there regardless of order." Read more...

Smart Cookies

MamaBean AZ

Tracey says, "Everyone really enjoyed Smart Cookies and it definitely exercised their minds and made them think. Anything that I can find that helps Mr. Man reign in some of his impulsivity and force him to follow step by step direction is a win as far as this Mama is concerned." Read more...

Animal Homeland Mosaics

One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "Animal Homeland Mosaics has a bunch of different animals you get to add stickers and gems, too. The kit comes with everything you need which is nice so we didn’t need to go out and get extra supplies." Read more...