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Alpha Omega Publications provide two great resources for home school families: Switched On Schoolhouse and Horizons Math.

Switched on Schoolhouse
If you are looking for an easy, complete curriculum for a low price Switched On Schoolhouse is for you. There is no easier way to teach Math, Language Arts, Science, History, Geography, and Bible! This program will be a treasure for any parent who wants to home school but are not looking to put together their own curriculum. Interactive lessons, informative videos, and games that reinforce the knowledge gain are only a few of the many reason Switched on Schoolhouse is Timberdoodle's recommendation for a preplanned curriculum.

"I have seen my high school aged son go from one who needed constant prodding to get his work done- to one that is up and ready to go with the Switched on program. The programs is so easy to set up and keeps all the records for you. The computer based program is just what he needed. He is motivated, working independently, and best of all learning so much. I am so impressed and thank God for this curriculum. The cost for the whole subject grade can't be beat, $308.00, Love it!!"
Brenda A.
Lunenburg, MA

"Are you having science guilt?? Here is your answer! I have two girls, ages 8 and 10, and we are into our second year of using this product. In fact, my younger daughter asked me if she could start the program. I am not a science minded person and worried about how I was going to adequately cover our science subject. My girls will mention, Oh yah...I learned about that in my science. I also love how it seems that each year builds on the year before, expanding on and covering new information. I also like how each lesson is graded. I can quickly ask them, "how did you do on your lesson?" and if they got a "C" or lower, I take the time to sit and redo the lesson with them. A+++ "
Susie Maxfield
Bothell, WA United States

Horizons Math
Does your child love math? Do they thrives on challenges and find math a wonderful mystery to be solved? Then choose Horizons Math. The skills taught in Horizon Math readily apply to real-life situations. This is a fast-paced, hard-core math program.

"My 10 yr old loves this math program. He had previously been frustrated by other programs that we tried, mostly due to lack of adequate instruction or too much repetition of something once he had "got it". This book explains each new area as it comes up, reviews without undo repetition and approaches the same area from different angles to keep it interesting. We no longer struggle with math. It is a very good deal for the price. We have opted to not use the teachers manual, just the workbooks and have had no problems with this, as things are explained very well in the workbook. I highly recommend this math program and will be buying more for my daughter."
Carmen Denos
Dundee, OR United States

My daughter finished another Christian curriculum's 2nd grade math early and I wanted to review her skills before moving onto 3rd grade level work. I've heard good things about Horizons and decided to try out the teacher's manual and 2nd grade, book 2 (for the 2nd semester). Horizons covers more things and in a better way than our previous curriculum. We used to use an Asian math curriculum alongside an American Christian school's curriculum which was supposed to be very advanced/accelerated. Horizons covers the topics in a better way. I will not longer need to supplement with the Asian math curriculum as Horizons covers the how-to's and the word problems effectively. I'm planning on ordering the 3rd grade math ASAP.
Karen Nichols
Roanoke, TX United States

"We used Horizons for my son's Kindergarten year. We had started out with MCP which was so boring and monotonous my son was in tears. He also was not learning well with the mastery type learning. He was getting low C's on his tests, and I thought maybe we had a memory problem on our hands.
I hesitated to switch to Horizons K as it looked much more difficult. But it turns out he needed the fast paced spiral learning.
It was the right move. My son flew through the lessons and has loved math ever since. He loved the occasional puzzles, dot to dots, drawings and other interesting exercises. My son really liked the colorful pages and I loved how easy it was to teach. I pretty much just introduced the new concept and worked the top half of each page with my son and let him do the bottom on his own. I also taught skip counting separately.
I can't wait to start my daughter in Horizons K and moved on to Horizons 2 for my son."
Sandra Dumas
Boynton Beach, FL United States