Do you have a chewer in your home? Someone who chews on his shirt collar or on the string of his sweatshirt? Chewing provides sensory input, which can be calming to a child when he encounters new or difficult situations. And just like the adults you know who hum, bounce their leg or tap their pencil to help them increase focus and block out other distractions, kids find that chewing helps them concentrate.

Children chew for a variety of reasons, but when their chewing becomes destructive or a safety risk, parents need to provide a socially acceptable alternative.

Chewbeads' soft, non-toxic jewelry for children and pre-teens is colorful, trendy, and above all else, safe. Made with 100% silicone (similar to pacifiers) and free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, cadmium, or lead, Chewbeads are easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

From the rich color to the kid-friendly texture, Chewbeads can be helpful for kids preschool-aged and up who need to chew while playing or learning, and need a safe, attractive, on-the-go sensory alternative.

Chewbeads necklaces also make great older sibling gifts. If your older child is qualified to hold the youngest, having a portable soother will make his task easier. A chewable fidget that will not easily drop to the ground where it can get dirty, lost or snatched by the family dog will make babysitting a much more pleasant task.