Typing Instructor for KIDS Platinum 5.0 Windows

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Third-Grade Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 Third-Grade Curriculum Kit!
Timberdoodle's Review
New Version Updated for Windows 10!

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5.0 Windows 10
Do you remember the fable from India in which the blind men took turns investigating an elephant's shape? One felt the tusk and thought an elephant was like a spear, while another felt the trunk and thought an elephant was like a snake. I was very much reminded of this fable when I asked two employees to review the number one best-selling typing software for children, Typing Instructor for Kids.

Terrific or Troublesome?
One saw the program as troublesome because of the occasional references to luck or wishing, the sporadic glimpses of skeletons or peering eyes, and the fact that children are asked to consult a talking stone if they need additional typing instruction. But the other reviewer saw it as an exciting, motivating method of teaching young children how to touch-type.

Multi-Level Games, Graduated Drills, and Hundreds of Activities
This latest version of the interactive fiction typing game, Typing Instructor for Kids 5.0, offers thirty-plus action-packed, multi-level game challenges; graduated drills and lesson plans; hundreds of activities, exercises, and tests; and bilingual learning in English and Spanish.

Ten Customizable Plans – With or Without Games
Using proven typing techniques, children will master the keyboard while journeying with Toby and Lafitte to five imaginative lands where they learn proper typing techniques and build keyboarding skills. Just choose a typing plan, set a words-per-minute goal, and as your child explores Typer Island he will learn typing along the way. The engaging lessons and exercises teach children important typing skills, including speed and accuracy. If your children find your old typing program boring, and if you are looking for the right balance of education, entertainment, and motivation in a typing program, then consider the award-winning Typing Instructor for Kids 5.0.


Track results for up to five typists!

Educational Benefits:
  • 160 Lessons in English & Spanish
  • Proven Methods for Skill-Building
  • Unique Drills & Interactive Exercises
  • Age-Appropriate Content
  • Standard & Split Keyboards
  • Multi-Skill Levels
  • Choose from Ten Customized Lesson Plans

  • 30+ Game Challenges
  • Multi-Level Games

  • Island Adventure Theme Motivates Kids to Improve Typing Skills
  • Instant Feedback on Typing Progress
  • Certificates of Achievement
  • Charts & Feedback
  • Printable Results
  • Music

    System Requirements:
  • Internet is required for initial activation
  • Pentium P4
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2000
  • 480 MB Hard Disk Space Available
  • 128 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 800 x 600, 16-Bit or Higher Display
  • 16-Bit Sound Card
  • Speakers or Headphones
  • Mouse

  • Faith-Based: No

    Awards and Endorsements:
    The Old Schoolhouse 2013 Excellence in Education Winners
    #1 Best-Selling Typing Software in 2010
    Gold Award – TopTenREVIEWS
    Children’s Software Revue — All Star Software 5 Star Award
    Codie Award Finalist — Best Instruction Solution in Other Curriculum Areas
    Newsweek Magazine — Top 50 CD-ROMs

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews

    Nice graphics, we will cover some basic typing prior to using typing instructor. Was difficult for my student initially.

    Great way to learn typing

    My son LOVES this. Asks for typing every day! He is in piano and it has improved his finger skills there as well. Easy to set up and move through.


    My daughter loves this, but for now it’s just an extra. It came with her 3rd grade kit, but we won’t be using it more often until she’s slightly older. She does enjoy it and thinks it’s more of a play time activity.

    Typing Instructor for Kids

    My son is 11 years old and this is his first time ever attempting to learn how to type. We're only on our 2nd week and he is gaining confidence and accuracy with each day. In a completely other side note, the narrator child on this program talks way too much and its not necessary to sit and listen to him jabber on and on. Just click "go" and start your lesson. I do recommend this for children with large enough hands to move about a keyboard correctly, so probably at least 8 and older.

    Typing Instructor for Kids

    This was easy to set up and install on my laptop. My son enjoys playing it and learning his home row skills. My older kids are using it as fun review.

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