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Your Kitchen Is a Learning Lab
Your kitchen is a learning lab; are you taking full advantage of it? Cooking classes are not just for teens or for girls. Along with all the other wonderful subjects that you are teaching your children, cooking is one that is beneficial for both girls and boys to learn, and it is something that most kids love to do.

What Does Your Child Learn From Cooking?
Children as young as three years old are ready and eager to learn basic food prep, and the lessons learned will yield life-long benefits. Not only do these pint-sized chefs have a great time, but cooking is educational to boot. What does your child learn while cooking? Reading for meaning is stressed, and of course counting, measuring, time, and fractions are basic kitchen skills. Nutrition can be explored, as well as the history and culture of food. Then there are all those fine motor skills, from breaking an egg to shaping a cookie. Finally, cooking can foster a greater sense of responsibility, from remembering to set the timer to cleaning up messes.

Tool Up with Child-appropriate Utensils
If your child is just beginning this wonderful experience of real cooking, consider tooling up with equipment that is not only size-appropriate, but sturdy. Because yours won't be the only child to test the limits of these tools, you'll be glad to know that they have been designed to take a beating in more ways than one! These kid-sized tools encourage children to roll up their sleeves and participate in family cooking adventures.

Lasting Memories and Essential Life Skills
Cooking can be a shared experience between parent and child that not only builds lasting memories, but also competency in an essential life skill. Quality cooking tools are a brilliant gift for your future culinary enthusiast or for the child with everything but enough time with his parents.