Kumon Mazes - 5-Book set

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Timberdoodle's Review

What child doesn't love the challenge of a maze? Mazes allow your child the opportunity to practice basic pencil control in an enjoyable, exciting way. These pencil skills are necessary for the legible writing of letters and numbers. Plus, because mazes are naturally absorbing they help your child acquire the ability to reason, interpret, understand, and concentrate. Once your child has mastered the easier maze books, he will want to move on to the more intricate patterns of the advanced maze workbooks. The increased level of difficulty will refine your child's motor skills and further sharpen his reasoning and critical-thinking skills. These elemental skills are some of the bedrock essentials for later academics. 8 1/4" x 11 2/3", paperback, 80 pages each. Five books in this set:

My Book of Easy Mazes
Tracing their way through these colorful mazes will help children build more confidence in their fine motor skills, thereby preparing them to begin writing. Ages 2-4.

My First Book of Mazes
Young children love tracing mazes with a pencil. Mazes let children have fun while at the same time improving their judgment and pencil-control abilities, both of which are crucial elements in their future studies. The aim of this book is to improve children's reasoning and motor skills. Ages 3-5.

Amazing Mazes
This sequel to My First Book of Mazes is designed to further enhance children's motor skills and reasoning. Once children experience and master the easier maze patterns of the first book, they will be able to advance to the more intricate patterns of this workbook. This increased level of difficulty will refine children's motor skills and further sharpen their reasoning and critical thinking skills. Ages 4-6.

My Book of Mazes Animals
Building on the skills developed through Kumon's tracing books, My Book of Mazes: Animals uses an engaging animal theme to focus on improving children's fine motor control and spatial reasoning abilities, both of which are vital for later success in school. Ages 3-5.

My Book of Mazes Things That Go
Children are often fascinated with cars, trucks, and trains. This book uses these things that go as the theme for our innovative and colorful mazes. Since every maze is designed to be slightly harder than the last, you'll be surprised by how quickly your child's pencil control improves! Ages 5-7.

My First Book of Mazes
My Book of Easy Mazes
My Book of Mazes - Animals
Amazing Mazes
My Book of Mazes - Things That Go

Publisher's Information
  • Pages: 80 each, 400 Total
  • Binding: Paperback, 8 1/4 x 11 2/3 inches
  • Copyright: 2004-2006
  • ISBNs: 4774307106, 1933241241, 4774307092, 193324125X , 1933241314, (978-1-933241-24-1, 978-4-7743-0709-1, 978-4-7743-0710-7, 978-1-933241-25-8, 978-1-933241-31-9)
  • Publisher: Kumon Publishing
  • Printed in: China
  • Consumable: Yes
  • Faith-Based: No

  • Customer Reviews

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    Love this

    My 4 year old loves these. They are great for her motor skills.

    Kristen T.

    My 3 kids, ages 3-8, LOVED this pack of mazes. Whenever they would fight, I'd give them five or six and they thought it was a treat! I'd buy this again and again!!

    Jaydie S.
    Great workbooks.

    Even though I personally feel that these books are overpriced, my daughter does not share the sentiment :). The quality is great and the illustrations are really cute. My daughter flew through all of them and I had to make sure I paid extra attention to what she was working on otherwise she would have completed them all in a day. My pocketbook cried a little but sometimes a little one's smile is worth every penny...and that's the case with these.

    Fun maze books

    My daughter really liked these. They have a nice progression of difficulty, both within the books and from one book to the next. Lots of color and fun designs, too.


    My kids have loved the maze and cut & paste books by Kumon. Great independent learning.