Show Me How to Survive

Show Me How to Survive

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Please note: Show Me How to Survive has been recently updated. We were wholly unaware of this update and are distressed to find several pages that are inconsistent with Timberdoodle standards. Please see below for specific details.

Show Me How to Survive
We want kids to read, so we move mountains (of books) looking for any title that will cause a reluctant reader to crack open a book. Show Me How to Survive is one such title. Not necessarily because your child will need to know how to disarm a shooter, survive a shipwreck, or rescue-breathe for a dog, but because its hundreds of illustrations and sparse text is an irresistible mix for readers and non-readers alike. Colorful, insightful, and maybe just a bit quirky, this visual guide demystifies 175 events, everything from the essential to the unusual, each explained in nearly wordless, step-by-step illustrations. As the author states, “...this book is not intended to replace professional advice or training," but as a bold new visual guidebook, Show Me How to Survive is one of the best and will be useful for reading, story-telling, and even pretend play.

Note: Show Me How to Survive is a secular title, so you will want to hit it with a touch of white-out, carefully placed sticker, or otherwise modify the pages before you hand it off to your child.
The scenarios we are particularly concerned with are:
  • Scenario 5 (a few of the items suggested for the emergency preparedness kit)
  • Scenario 44 (esp. the note/illustration about sex life)
  • Scenario 70 (how to heal with positive energy)

  • Protect:
    navigate the mean streets
    stay safe in the wilderness
    be prepared at the office
    make a family emergency plan
    stock an emergency kit
    stock a bunker
    prepare a flood dinghy
    set up a panic room
    bury a tornado shelter
    make your home safe
    prepare your pet
    keep pets safe after a disaster
    know animal warning signs
    weather a hurricane
    build a flood barrier
    and more...

    suture a wound
    decompress a chest
    stop bleeding
    bandage a nasty wound
    cauterize a wound in the field
    save a toe
    improvise a leg splint
    wrap a sling
    know your fractures
    test for edibility
    deal with a poisoned kid
    and more...

    build a dugout canoe
    pick a coconut
    use coconuts
    ace an emergency scuba ascent
    escape a kelp forest
    avoid a shark attack
    fend off a shark
    resist a wolf pack
    battle a pit bull
    spike an assailant
    embrace your enemy
    do a handshake takedown

    Joseph Pred is a trained EMT, firefighter, and disaster-management specialist whose expertise also encompasses public health, outdoor survival, and firearms safety.

    ISBN: 9781616281328
    Size: 8 by 8 1/4 inches
    Pages: 144 pages
    Binding: Paperback
    Copyright: June 2011
    Author: Joseph Pred
    Publisher: Weldon Owen
    Faith-Based: No

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Excellent book

    Excellent book! It shows some self defense tactics. Plus how to catch squirrels when food is scarce (you need a dog). There is a lot of information packed into this book. Read it in one day, couldn't put it down. (review given by daughter, age 14)

    Fun book!

    This book is loaded with a lot of interesting and intriguing information and tips. Our boys (10 and 12) love reading through it!

    Great for boy scouts

    This is a fun book for my 12 year old son. It has a lot of useless lessons and teaches important life skills.

    Jennifer U.
    Learning to love reading...

    My 7yo eats this book up! He sat looking through it for hours! Helpful, fun reading practice over summer break.

    Katie S.
    Loved it!

    We did a unit study on survival skills and this book was perfect!