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14 Oball Facts

Easy Bubble Recipe
Excited about making bubbles with your O-Ball like you saw in our vodcast? Here's the simple recipe we use to make our bubble solution here at Timberdoodle.

  • 1 gallon water
  • 2/3 cup liquid dish soap (Joy Ultra has worked well for us)
  • 3 TBS glycerin (available in your local pharmacy or 1st aid section)

    Just mix these ingredients gently but thoroughly, and you're ready to dip your O-Ball and make bubbles! (Some sources suggest that letting the mixture set overnight will produce better bubbles.)

    Oballs Are Exceptionally Safe and Durable
    Made of silicone, the Oballs are exceptionally durable; just pop them in your dishwasher when the need arises. Also, you'll be relieved to know that Oballs contain no phthalates, PVC, or latex.

    The Oball Rattle
    Oball Rattle, with its many finger holes, is super easy for baby to clutch and roll, the soft texture is just right for mouthing, and it also includes entertaining beads that rattle. This lets you help your baby develop his visual and auditory tracking skills. Babies find the bright colors, happy sounds, and squishy sides captivating. Plus it is extremely lightweight, so you never need to worry about a face shot from a rambunctious toddler!

    So, what did you learn? Here are the 14 Oball facts we heard/saw:

    1) Oballs are easy for babies to clutch.
    2) Oballs are easy to catch.
    3) Oballs are easy to throw.
    4) Oballs are brightly colored, and can be used for baby's visual tracking exercises.
    5) Oballs have a pleasant sounding rattle, perfect for auditory tracking
    6) Oballs are flexible, making them great for teething babies to chew on.
    7) Oballs are great for kicking.
    8) Oballs would be a perfect choice for the beginning juggler.
    9) Oballs can be used to make bubbles.
    10) Oballs are soft enough that your preschooler's rambunctious throw is unlikely to hurt the baby!
    11) Oballs are made of safe materials: vinyl, PVC and phthalate free.
    12) Oballs are durable, even when intentionally rolled over by a car!
    13) Oballs are dishwasher safe.
    14) Oballs can even be nested.