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Parents who buy Wedgits ask for more, and we can't blame them. The brightly colored plastic wedge-edged open squares of Wedgits nest, stack and balance in such surprising and satisfying ways, who wouldn't want more of this open-ended manipulative masterpiece?

As your children explore ways of building and balancing structures or stacking and nesting with these five geometric shapes they will be amazed with how the plastic molded pieces fit perfectly together without interlocking. They will find that it's possible to make the blocks "wedge" together and form solid structures and very complex models. While simple in design, using Wedgits will test your child's dexterity as well as his spatial skills and stretch his cognitive thinking abilities. Opposing forces, levers, fulcrums are all problems your child will need to resolve as he reproduces the complex structures. Is it any wonder that Wedgits have been awarded the "Teachers Choice Award" as well as being named "Best Learning Product" by leading family and educationally oriented magazines?