My Body in Action

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Timberdoodle's Review
My Body in Action
What happens when light enters your eye or sound enters your ear? How does air get into your lungs and what happens after you swallow your food? My Body in Action is a set of 10 beautifully-illustrated lenticular cards that will help your child understand the hidden details of his body. Merely tilt the cards up and down to see how different organs work — fascinating!

My Body in Action comes with 10 large, sturdy cards, and additional information online. You can also consult our Kindergarten Handbook for explanations, fascinating facts, and suggestions on how to use these amazing cards.

Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2017 Kindergarten Curriculum Kit! and Timberdoodle's Secular 2017 Kindergarten Curriculum Kit!
Manufacturer: Roylco
Age Recommendation: 4+
Faith-Based: No


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