Non-Religious 2019 Fifth-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer (Overflow)

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Amazing Customer Service!

I am a first-time homeschooler, and I was very impressed with all the fantastic goodies and learning materials we received for our 3 children (K, 3rd grade, and 5th grade). My kiddos were all in the Japanese Immersion program here in Anchorage, Alaska, but with the difficulties of zoom classes, and online learning through our local school district, we sadly decided to pull our kids out for the year. Thank goodness for Timberdoodle and the spark it gave my kids for learning again. Daniel, the customer rep we have had the pleasure of working with every time so far. He is full of knowledge, advice, and problem-solving skills for the clueless mom I sometimes feel like. He shared with me strategies to save on our curriculum kits but earning reward points to use for the next kit by ordering each separately. Having such a great helper made the transition much easier for me. Plus, the boxes our kits were shipped in had adorable pictures on them for the kids to color or paint, and even the packing slips were cool. Each page doubled as an activity page. These people get making learning fun!

5th grade curriculum kit

First Time Home School mom here - I pulled my 5th grader out of our local district because zoom school was just not working for us. We were tired of the busy work, not mastering any subjects, and staring at screens for 4-5 hours a day. I knew for weeks that switching to home school was what would be best for our family but I was so worried about making the transition and was overwhelmed by the amount of curriculum options.

I am sooo glad I went with Timberdoodle for our kit. Their customer service lines are to real live people that are so kind and helpful! Getting a kit for us as a first time home school family was totally the right way to go. Honestly I am now thinking we will be sticking with Home School and timber doodle for a few more years.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS KIT: The handbook, online custom scheduler, and teacher guides and amazing! This helped me get organized quickly so we could jump right in during Q2 of the school year and not feel left behind. I was originally really concerned with finding our pace and not knowing if were were ahead or behind of schedule but the scheduler helps me feel like we are on track. Seriously I pull the handbook out on a weekly basis, the dialog used in the handbook is very reassuring and the information is well laid out. The teacher guides allow me as the instructor to be as rigid or as flexible as I deem appropriate for my student. There are options for extended learning or options to skip through materials if my student mastered a subject and is ready to move on. Because it is so well laid out It also makes it easy to pass off instruction responsibility to my husband or other family members when needed.

This kit also encourages a lot of independent reading and comprehension which was important to me. I felt like during this COVID pandemic we were all spending too much time on screens and getting back to daily reading was important for all of us.

My 5th grader loves all of the stem activities, 2 player games, and thinking skills activities. We have been able to do many of these items with our 4 year old in the mix and now she wants to start doing school with her big sis. My 5th grader also loves drawing so Doodle America and Doodle definitions have been a big hit.

I am really glad I went with this Elite kit instead of the basic one just because it's nice to have all of the extras for breaking up our days between the core subjects.

The only thing we have not gotten into yet is the stop motion kit. We do not have a CD rom on our laptops so that will have to be something she does at grandmas house.

Comprehensive and challenging!

We feel like we have plenty of material and ways to challenge 5th grader with this curriculum kit. I love to logic games and my son loves that games are part of the school day. This is our first year homeschooling and I am thrilled. I was nervous to start homeschooling, but I feel like Timberdoodle has made it so easy for me. We just follow along with the high quality materials!

Custom Kit Review

The custom kits are really great, especially for those who may supplement with other things or do online programs along with books, or have limited income. I only hesitate to give an additional star because the custom process is difficult at times, and the descriptions of what is included with certain books could use more detail. ISometimes it's difficult to see how much you actually need with certain book sets.


Thank you for your review! We appreciate you letting us know the points of frustration. We are always looking for ways to make the process easier for our customers, so we truly appreciate you sharing this. I will pass it on to our web team!


Perfect transitional tool for the new homeschooler

As parents moving from the public/private educational System to homeschooling we were blessed to find Timberdoodle with fun and attention holding games, art and interesting reads

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