Nonreligious 2021 Tenth-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer

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Tamyr M.

I was very excited to order the non-religious curriculum, only to realize that both the history and science (all of the PAC books) are very religious. Every single page talks about religion or god, it even goes as far as to deny the theory of evolution. I'm very disappointed and had to spend a lot more money buying other books for science and history.

Thank you for your honest review of your curriculum kit. We are sorry to hear that you were disappointed with some of our curriculum choices. It may help to know that the PAC series is published by a secular publisher and is use extensively in the public school system. We readily acknowledge the books include frequent dialogue regarding many different religions and their worldview/beliefs. The author has include these due to the inescapable fact that religion has had huge shaping influence in history and science and has in fact been the driving force behind many historical moments in both topics.
I hope this clarifies why we have included the PAC series in the non-religious kits. Thank you again for sharing your experience with us!

—The Timberdoodle Team