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Timberdoodle's Review
Those who have loved the Pathway series have begged us to find more. While it is hard to beat the sincere wholesomeness of an Amish textbook, we trust that you will find Reading to Learn equally appealing.

While the Pathway series shows life from an Amish perspective, shunning electricity and cars, the Reading to Learn series is from a Conservative Mennonite viewpoint, so nonresistance and modest behavior are two of the many sterling qualities that shine forth. Although some families will insist on using this series as a reading program, I think that they are just as valuable as age-appropriate wholesome reading material.

Be forewarned: like Pathway, Reading to Learn seems to be more advanced than your typical government school readers, so you may need to ease your beginning readers into these books. Each hardback book contains short stories with a sprinkling of poetry. Enjoy!
  • I Wonder
  • Helping Hands
  • Happy Hearts
  • Doors to Discovery
  • Bridges Beyond
  • Open Windows
  • Calls to Courage
  • The Road Less Traveled
  • Where Roads Diverge

  • Author: Compiled by Ruth K. Hobbs
    Pages: 4,726 total
    0-87813-930-3, 0-87813-933-8, 0-87813-935-4, 0-87813-937-0, 0-87813-938-9, 0-87813-948-6, 0-87813-851-X, 0-87813-856-0,
    Christian Light Education
    Printed In:
    Faith-Based: Yes


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