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Timberdoodle's Review
Drillwork that Doesn’t Feel like Drillwork
Simple, fast, fun, and purposeful, Tenzi is a perfect addition to your child’s curriculum.

In the original Tenzi game, players roll ten dice and reroll the ones that don’t match until all ten display identical numbers.

Too easy? Opt for one of the many variations like Splitzi, where instead of trying to get all ten dice of one number you must have five dice of one number and five dice of another number. In Target Tenzi, you have a numeric goal, for instance 56, and you race to be the first to attain it. Or assign each player a number that he must roll for. Or… well, the options are endless and so is the fun.

Tenzi requires fast hands, the ability to make accurate calculations, and the gift of laughter.

If you are looking to expand the ways you can play this game, you can pick up the TENZI Card Deck, which will give you 77 new ideas! You can find it here.

Each game includes 40 dice (10 each of four different colors).

Color assortments vary.

Manufacturer: Carma Games, LLC
Faith-Based: No

Awards and Endorsements:
ASTRA Best Toys for Kids 2012 Winner
Learning Express Best Game of the Year in 2013

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Tenzi Review by Cummins Life

review by Cummins Life

”This game is simple, fast and fun! All my kids enjoy it and it's a game we like to play as a family. ”

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Tenzi Review by Homeschool Fanatic

review by Homeschool Fanatic

”It all started with two colleagues, a bag of dice and the simple goal, “Let’s come up with a dice game.” After a very short time, the fast-paced dice game, Tenzi was born. Tenzi is quick, easy to learn, and suitable for ages 7 to 97 – although I might would stretch that even more!”

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Tenzi Review by La Familia Foundation

review by LaFamilia Foundation

”Honestly, this game looks so simple, yet it is entertaining and different from any other game. Because it truly is a box of Dice. You are probably asking yourself what you can do with a box of Dice? This is what Tenzi is about, and if you get the extra cards, it brings more of different ways you can play this game. We have so much fun as a family playing.”

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Tenzi Review by Making Everyday Magic

review by Making Everyday Magic

”These brightly colored dice are a wonderful addition to our homeschool curriculum. We have enjoyed playing with them as a family, using the 77 additional ways to play, and creating our own games. Simply stacking the dice and spotting the number are great ways to engage my little one while big sister can use the dice for patterns, addition, subtraction, and multiplication.”

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Tenzi Review by Roads to Everywhere

review by Roads to Everywhere

”We set the deck face down in the middle of the table and before each hand, we would flip the top card over to find out what the goal was for that hand. Our favorites are the patterns, where you roll to get the numbers shown and then arrange your dice in that specific pattern. The way we played it was whoever won the hand got to keep the card and after we had played through the deck whoever had the most cards was the winner.”

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Customer Reviews

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This is just a bunch of dice - the game is just ok

This is the dice portion. It’s just a bunch of different colored dice. The game itself doesn’t do anything for me. It’s just about rolling the right combination of dice the fastest. I’d grab some thing else - may I recommend grid block?


This is a really fun game for the whole family. I love how their all different ways to play so it never gets boring.

Allison D.
Really fun game!

This is a fun one! Fast, makes you think, (and the deck of cards you can buy to go with for more ideas makes it even more versatile). And you can play in a huge group for even more fun by just adding in more dice. Kids and adults enjoy it, even playing all together.

malorie S.
Awesome classic!

Such a fantastic game for all ages. The dice in this kit are fun colors and high quality. The case to store the die isn’t super high quality, but not a deal breaker. Paired with another timber doodle resource with lots of other ways to play so endless possibilities.

Tabitha P.
Fun for everyone

Before getting our kit I had never heard of this game, I’m so glad it was included because it’s incredibly fun! The kids don’t even realize it’s technically math, it’s fun for the whole family.