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We’re a family-owned company that has been finding crazy-smart supplies for homeschooling since 1985.

Our goal is to offer unique and innovative homeschooling items that are fun for kids and parents. Our special emphasis is engineering, hands-on, and thinking-skills products that kids love.

Our Curriculum Kits contain our favorites for each grade level, but we love to help families cherry-pick what works best for their children. That is why we are delighted to help you, free of charge, to custom-fit your curriculum to be perfect for your family.

Breaking Ground for the First Warehouse in 1989

How did Timberdoodle get started?

Timberdoodle was founded in 1985 by the husband and wife team of Dan and Deb. When friends began to ask where they could find the homeschooling supplies Deb was using to teach their three daughters, the business was born. Two more children and several decades later, Timberdoodle has grown from a back-porch venture to three warehouses, an office building, and a photo studio. We are still owned and operated by the same family on the same property and, along with our outstanding co-workers, it is our pleasure to continue serving the homeschool community!

Where did the name Timberdoodle come from?

As newlyweds, Dan & Deb first purchased their Washington state business license with plans of starting a business raising Golden Retrievers using the name Timberdoodle, a type of game bird. When they changed to selling homeschooling supplies, they kept the name for the sake of thriftiness. The name Timberdoodle has been a good fit for us ever since, because it is quirky enough to be memorable and has a fun ring to it, just like our products!

Does Timberdoodle sell Christian products?

The "Timberdoodle family" loves Jesus and we are thrilled to offer products with a Gospel perspective to our customers. When we choose our products, we look for ones that are the best and most unique overall, so sometimes it is Christian-based curriculum, and sometimes it is not. As always, we want to help you find what is best for your family, so if you are looking for a curriculum that has either more of or less of a Christian perspective, please feel free to contact us; we want to help you find exactly what you need!

Who are the Timberdoodle people?

The "Timberdoodle family" consists of founders Dan and Deb, their five children and daughter-in-law, and a growing throng of grandchildren. Our extended Timberdoodle family includes our small crew of stellar handpicked coworkers, with whom we are grateful to continue serving homeschooling families far and wide!