We’re a family-owned company that has been finding crazy-smart supplies for homeschooling since 1985.

Our goal is to offer unique and innovative homeschooling items that are fun for kids and parents. Our special emphasis is engineering, hands-on, and thinking-skills products that kids love.

Our Curriculum Kits contain our favorites for each grade level, but we love to help families cherry-pick what works best for their children. That is why we are delighted to help you, free of charge, to custom-fit your curriculum to be perfect for your family.

How did an engineering mom and her entrepreneur husband launch one of the most innovative homeschool companies ever?

Timberdoodle is a true testament to the grace of God and the dedication of family. What started as a humble back-porch venture in 1985 has developed into a thriving business with multiple warehouses and an office building on the original site. The fact that Timberdoodle remains family-owned and operated reflects its unwavering commitment to serving the homeschool community. The team at Timberdoodle takes great pride in their work, and it shows in the quality of the products they offer.

How does Timberdoodle stand out from other homeschool companies?

We are passionate about empowering homeschooling families with practical solutions that ignite a love for learning. Our unique and exciting homeschooling products are designed to develop engineering, hands-on, and critical thinking skills that captivate children's imaginations. Our Curriculum Kits showcase our top recommendations for each grade level.

We also offer personalized assistance to help you choose the best materials for your child. This service is complimentary, and we are thrilled to help you tailor your curriculum to meet your family's unique needs.

Where did the name Timberdoodle come from?

Dan and Deb, as newlyweds, decided to start a business raising Golden Retrievers in Washington State. They even got a business license and named it Timberdoodle after a type of game bird. However, they later switched to selling homeschooling supplies and decided to keep the name to save money. The name Timberdoodle turned out to be perfect for their brand, as it's distinctive and unforgettable, just like their amazing products!

Who are the Timberdoodle people?

The Timberdoodle family includes founders Dan and Deb and their five children, daughter-in-law, and a growing number of grandchildren. We're also blessed to have a small crew of amazing handpicked coworkers who help us serve homeschooling families everywhere!