Timberdoodle 2023 Gift Catalog

2023 Gift List Giveaway

Our Annual Gift List Giveaway is Here!

This year, flip through the PDF and choose a gift you'd like to win in each of the following categories:

1. Books
2. Multi-Player Games
3. Logic Games
5. Art
6. Puzzles

Next take our short survey to let us know which ones you've selected. That's it! Winners will be selected Tuesday, November 28th, at noon PDT.

12 Prizes, 7 Winners!

6 winners will each win one of the categories. (The STEM project, book, logic game, puzzle, art kit, or multi-player game you chose.)

1 Grand Prize Winner will win her entire list!

Total value is up to you, as much as $1,713.76. Each prize includes free USA shipping.

Psst: already own all 19 featured logic games or 40 art kits? Choose one you'd like to give as a gift, or skip the category entirely. We won't judge!

Why Can't We Answer on Facebook?
During our last big giveaway scammers came on and started making fake "Timberdoodle" accounts. They then posted comments tagging each of you and declaring you the winner: just click their suspect link and give them your credit card info to pay a small shipping fee and get the prize headed your way.

We can't allow the scammers to win, so we're trying an alternate approach with a very short survey instead. (BTW, free USA shipping is included. So while we do need a shipping address for the winners, we won't ask for your credit card!)

This also lets us add some optional extra entry slots and make it accessible for those of you who prefer not to be on social media. Enter now, then let us know what you think!