2023 Photo Contest

You're Invited to Our Photo Shoot! Of course, you're also invited to be the photographer ;)

When Covid forced us to move our photoshoot virtual in 2021, an amazing thing happened. You rose to the occasion and provided photo-studio-quality pictures of the real-life Timberdoodle kids around the world. How wonderful!

This year, we're asking you to do it again. Will you set aside a moment to take pictures of your children using Timberdoodle tools? Your children could be unboxing their kit, demonstrating their STEM project, doing their spelling, or... you decide! We want to showcase the wide variety of people and places that Timberdoodle is used, so library pictures, beach pictures, and living room pictures are all appreciated.

There Will Be Prizes Every qualifying photo, story, or video (more on those last two options in a moment) counts as an entry to win one of 20 prizes:

  • $1,000 Timberdoodle Gift Certificate
  • 2 x $500 Timberdoodle Gift Certificates
  • 3 x $250 Timberdoodle Gift Certificates
  • 4 x $100 Timberdoodle Gift Certificates
  • 10 x $50 Timberdoodle Gift Certificates

  • In addition, every qualified entry will earn you 20 Doodle Dollar Reward points, up to $5 worth per family.

    All the Details Including how to make sure your entry qualifies, and what's new this year

    First, you'll want to be sure your entries are qualified:

  • include your child(ren) + a current Timberdoodle product
  • Timberdoodle product is clearly seen
  • high resolution (print-worthy)
  • well lit
  • uncluttered
  • family friendly
  • your permission for us to use your photo/video

  • New Entry Option: Video Snippet Our creative team is working on some new videos for our site, and we'd love to feature real Timberdoodle kids at work in the background. We're looking for horizontal/landscape videos of your child at work, no sound is needed. Short snippets are perfect. Here's an example:

    Of course, these are stock videos. We need actual footage of children using Timberdoodle products, and that's where you come in!

    New Entry Option: Short Story We're looking for short "yes this works for real families" paragraphs to feature in Timberdoodle advertising. We aren't looking for long essays, just a paragraph that would have given you insight you needed when you first found Timberdoodle.

  • Why do you love Timberdoodle?
  • What makes it work for your family?
  • What positives have you seen?
  • What about the Timberdoodle mindset or approach clicks for you?
  • What special obstacles has your family needed to overcome, and how did we help?
  • If you were to recommend Timberdoodle to a friend, what would you say?

  • This doesn't need to be a kit review, though it certainly can be. Here are some examples:

    "The idea of homeschooling was very overwhelming, but I knew it was the path our family wanted to take. We found Timberdoodle, and I am so thankful we did; it came with everything we needed and a scheduler to go along with it. The scheduler has kept me on track and has taken an enormous weight off my shoulders. It’s a simple program to follow, and my son isn’t just making it through it; he is thriving." ~ Danielle A.

    "When I first started diving into the idea of homeschooling it was almost so overwhelming I felt like I could drown. What type of schooling did I want to provide? What kind of schedule did I want to keep? How do I comply with state regulations? How do I make it fun? Little did I know, but Timberdoodle was the answer to all of it! From the easy-to-use and understand placement tests, to the kit comparison charts, right down to the curriculum guide and online scheduler... Timberdoodle has made life SO easy. I no longer feel like I'm drowning and actually feel like we are able to have FUN with homeschooling. The kids love the hands-on, play-based, wide variety of learning tools - and I love getting to feel like my kids are learning everything they need to know, without feeling like their being forced to learn. So, thank you Timberdoodle for making our first year a blast - we can't wait to keep coming back for more!!" ~ Kelly D.