2024 Photo Shoot

Did you know? There's a Timberdoodle Photo Shoot this week, right in your neighborhood!

You get $10, and you get $10! Everyone gets $10!

We need pictures of real-life Timberdoodle kids around the world, in their own homes or favorite places, doing all their favorite subjects. No perfectly staged studio picture can be quite as helpful to prospective homeschoolers as a real life photo or video!

We love getting a peek at how your homeschool year has gone, so this year, we're asking you to do it again. Will you set aside a moment to take pictures of your children using Timberdoodle tools? Your children could be unboxing their kit, demonstrating their STEM project, doing their spelling, or... you decide!

We want to showcase the wide variety of people and places that Timberdoodle is used, so library pictures, beach pictures, and living room pictures are all appreciated.

There Will Be Prizes
Every qualifying photo, story, or video counts as an entry to win one of 4 prizes:

  • $1,000 Timberdoodle Gift Card
  • $500 Timberdoodle Gift Card
  • $250 Timberdoodle Gift Card
  • $100 Timberdoodle Gift Card

In addition, every family that submits a qualified entry will receive a $10 gift card as a thank you. Limit one gift card per family.

Entry Option #1: Photos

First, note that the last possible day to send us entries is Monday, February 12th, 2024, before midnight PST. Entries after that time will be considered for use in our catalog and other places, but will not receive prizes.

Second, you'll want to be sure your entries are qualified:

  • Timberdoodle product is clearly seen
  • High resolution (printworthy)
  • Well lit
  • Uncluttered
  • We have permission to use your photo/video

Entry Option #2: Story

Why do you love Timberdoodle? What makes it work for your family? What positives have you seen? We're looking for short "yes, this works for real families" paragraphs to feature in Timberdoodle advertising. This doesn't need to be a kit review, though it certainly can be. If you were to recommend Timberdoodle to a friend, what would you say? For example:

"My only regret from this kit is that I didn’t order it sooner. It is amazing! This is the perfect curriculum set for a PreK student. There are a variety of games and learning tools which make learning so much fun."
~ Ashley

Entry Option #3: Videos

Our creative team is working on some new videos for our site and we'd love to feature real Timberdoodle kids at work in the background. We're looking for horizontal/landscape videos of your child at work. Short snippets are perfect - see an example here.

Of course, the videos in our "sample" are stock videos. We need actual footage of children using Timberdoodle products, and that's where you come in!