9 Things to Love About Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits

1. Rich in Hands-on Learning

We know your kinesthetic child needs to move to learn, and we have that covered. From math manipulatives to STEM kits, art programs, history with a wide variety of activities...

  • "Simply love the curriculum kits! I'm very pleased with the subjects covered, and my boys are beyond excited with all the 'games' and hands on learning. I appreciate the teacher friendly set up and how easy it is to just jump in and start teaching!" ~ Rosella

2. Easy to Customize

Swap your student's math for the next level up, or drop back a little bit to fill in some gaps. Every kit is editable with our new and improved customizer.

  • "I love that I was able to customize this [Kindergarten] kit! Everything is right for her level (some above kinder). I love how they give other options if their main option doesn’t seem right for my child. The online scheduler is AMAZING!! Makes my scheduling and organizing much easier!" ~ Brandi H.

3. Every Kit is Packed With STEM

Your first-grader will build his first robots, your eighth-grader will learn how to fly airplanes, and your high-schooler will learn filmmaking.

  • "...We especially like Math-U-See and Modos Literature as well as the STEM materials and fun science lab materials to make science even more fun and interesting. Our fifth grader cannot wait to dive into learning with her Timberdoodle kit this coming school year. This nonreligious grade 5 kit will make learning this school year much more wonderful!" ~ Jessica C.

4. Easy to Use

Easy to teach, designed for independent learning, and so engaging that students are eager to do the work!

  • "My student loves this curriculum package because it covers every subject she needs and enjoys like arts and STEM, and I love the schedule customizer. Together, those things make it perfect for us. She can work as independently as possibly, while getting focused help when it’s needed. And she has enough hands on & STEM to keep her engaged and excited to come to school. Thank you!" ~ Jessica B.

5. Focused on Thinking Skills in Every Grade

  • "I couldn’t say enough good things about this kit!!! More often than not when I give my son a choice of taking a break to go play or to do school his reply is 'I want more worksheets'. What other curriculum have you ever found that has kids picking school work over play?!! ...I cannot believe the growth I have seen in a short period of time using the curriculum as well. After only 2 or 3 weeks I could see a very noticeable increase in critical thinking and problem solving abilities. I also see marked improvements in fine motor skills and following directions. The combination of products that are included here is perfect. I love that I don’t have to spend hours and hours doing all of this research because Timberdoodle has done it for me and they seem to know EXACTLY what my son needs to be successful..." ~ Sara

6. Divergent Learning - More Than Just the Right Answer

Yes, your child needs to learn convergent thinking, e.g. that 2 + 2 = 4. But don't forget divergent thinking! It is in use when he discovers that there is more than one way to build a bridge with blocks, to animate a movie about dinosaurs, or even simply to complete a doodle. Radically different from read-and-regurgitate textbooks, not only are divergent activities intellectually stimulating, but kids love them, too. See more on Youtube here.

7. Editions Designed for Charter Schools

  • “Oh how I wish I had found this website sooner! We got this kit as part of an online charter School...This is exactly everything I never knew I wanted and needed! After playing with the gear set and working on letter tiles together today my son kissed me over and over and thanked me profusely for homeschooling him. He has a hard time sitting for book work but education in this hands on way has been life changing already and we’ve just barely begun!” ~ Sheena

8. Reading Challenge Included

We know you want your children reading, so each Handbook includes a grade-appropriate reading challenge designed to help your child become well-read while taking advantage of his interests and your library, rather than your budget.

  • "I wouldn't survive home schooling without Timberdoodle. I love how the kits include a wide variety of lessons and STEM activity. The handbook for each kit is so helpful. By the end of a year mine is worn out and full of notes. It also includes a reading challenge that really helps inspire my nonreader see how many books she can read in a year." ~ Kimberly

9. Award-Winning!

Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits have won numerous awards, are favorably reviewed by Cathy Duffy, are used by our own family, and, most importantly, have been trusted by you and your family year after year after year.

All-in-One Kits for Crazy-Smart Homeschooling

These kits include critical thinking skills, language arts, math, science, history, STEM, art, and more. Available for grades 0-12.