A Letter from eCampus Academy

Hey, Wisconsin families!

Are you familiar with charter schools? If not, here's an article that explains how they work.

If you aren't currently part of a charter school but would be interested in learning more, check out the letter below from the administration at Watertown eCampus Academy...

Dear Timberdoodle,

...I wanted to let you know that if you have Wisconsin homeschooling families that are looking to plug into a support group like eCampus Academy, we would love to work with them. We currently have about 14 families representing 35 students from 5 different communities throughout Wisconsin who are using the Timberdoodle curriculum this school year to teach their children and we would love to expand to reach more families as we believe the strength of our country depends on the types of learners who choose Timberdoodle curriculum as their preferred educational vehicle.

As members of our school district, eCampus can pick up the costs of their non-religious curriculum options while allowing them to purchase and use the religious options that are important to them as a part of their curriculum. Though we cannot purchase religious content, we do not infringe on any family’s right to meet school expectations by using whatever content makes sense to them.

Our Wisconsin certified teachers are available to support families as needed for subjects for which they need help, but we stay out of the way for the subjects for which they do not want our input. We offer screening for standardized tests, reading and math development, special needs, etc. as desired by the family, but families may opt out as they wish.

We facilitate opportunities for our “independent learning” families to collaborate with each other both independent of the district (e.g., field trips and gatherings organized by the families while we keep out of it) and as district organized experiences (e.g., building bird houses together; learning about propulsion and Newton’s Laws of Motion by building solid fuel rockets; working together to grow produce through our FlexFarm hydroponic system to share at the local farmers’ market, use in our brick and mortar lunch rooms, and even share with families through our ‘Goslings Nest’; attending virtual field trips to the Shed Aquarium, etc.).

We work hard to meet every student where they are to help them to reach their potential by partnering with the parents to raise their children as THEY wish. We believe that the tax dollars they are already spending for public education should benefit them directly and not be used to advance agendas that do not reflect their beliefs.

As Keisha and I raised 7 children, homeschooling each of them during part of their education, we worked hard to instill the values and solid educational foundations we believed were necessary and important. We built eCampus Academy with that in mind and hope to be a blessing to other like-minded families.

Very respectfully,

Bob Logan

Supervisor of Digital Learning and Technology