Are Timberdoodle's Curriculum Kits Accredited?

This is a common question about our Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits so for those of you who have wondered but not asked yet, here is our answer!

Accreditation is really a term used for regulating schools instructing students, rather than the curriculum itself. So if we were overseeing the education of your children, checking their grades, etc. then we could pursue accreditation. However, Timberdoodle is not a school, but rather a curriculum supplier so we are not eligible to become accredited. To put it another way, your local school district is accredited, but not their textbooks.

What most people mean when they ask this though, is whether we meet their state standards. While we meet or exceed requirements in many states, each state varies widely in what they require, and we strongly encourage you to check out local laws for yourself. The easiest way to do that is on the Homeschool Legal Defense Association website.

We've also put together an article to help answer the question: "Does Timberdoodle Line Up with My State Regulations?"

If you’d like more specific help, please just email us and let us know how we can be of assistance.