Before You Go

Mystery Links

Before You Go is a random link that our family has enjoyed, and we hope yours will too. In this spot, you may find a funny video, interesting fact, thought-provoking article, cool skill, or something else entirely!

Since each family is different (and we don't know what ads may display for you), we recommend previewing these links before sharing them with your kids. We hope you'll find each as fascinating as we did!

  • Wait! It's not a leaf? At first glance, these are obviously dead leaves. But are they really?
  • Baby Turtles Thaw Out. It probably won't surprise you that turtles hibernate for winter, but watching these nests of baby turtles thaw and "come back to life" here is truly astounding! These Painted Turtles are the most northerly of all turtles, so it makes sense that they have some marvelous winter features.
  • Christmas Tree Harvesting. Did you know that some Christmas trees are dug up before they are cut? Watch how they do it here. The years of care and planning that go into each year's harvest are also astounding!
  • Cranberry Harvesting. Did you know that Ocean Spray harvests 220 billion cranberries a year? Watch how they do it here. What a fascinating harvest!
  • Guess That Price. This link is a daily brain-teaser that was quickly passed around our warehouse and office, so we're pretty sure you'll enjoy it too. It even integrates a little math, logic, and geography into each puzzle!
  • How Creative Are You? This link turns creativity into a competition. Who can get the highest score in your crew? Also of note is the discussion on the importance of creativity. It may sound familiar to those of you with a Timberdoodle kit! (See the Convergent vs Divergent article in your handbook.)
  • Sound Effects. This link is purely for fun. Do you hear your ringtone in this acappella video? (Having your child sing, act out, or even draw his favorite ringtone is a wonderful divergent activity!)