Developing Your Child's Motor Skills

Today, we're sharing some ideas and resources for helping develop your child's motor skills. We've linked to some of the products we carry, but you may be able to find similar products elsewhere if you need more options.

It may also be helpful to know that if you're seeing a pattern of extra struggle around motor skills (walking/talking/climbing/eating...) compared to same-aged peers, it may be worth an occupational therapy evaluation. A few of our little ones have had apraxia and/or low muscle tone, and we have found that very helpful to know. Of course, getting skilled professionals on our team has made a huge difference, too - we've seen a lot of delays shrink away with proper intervention, and once we knew how to coach them better!

Fine Motor Skills

If your child enjoys workbook type activities:

Other fantastic resources:

Gross Motor Skills

  • free play outdoor time is huge
  • walks or hikes
  • hopscotch
  • playground equipment (whether at home or at a local park or school)
  • mini trampoline
  • Physio Roll
  • balls
  • Playsilk

If you do an internet search for fine or gross motor skills ideas, you'll see literally hundreds of fun ideas out there, but hopefully, this list at least gets you started.