Doodle Dollars

Did you know that with almost every online Timberdoodle purchase you earn reward points? Spend a dollar, and we’ll give you a nickel back in credit.

Buying a Kindergarten Curriculum Kit for $795? You’ll add $39.75 to your Doodle Dollars account! Review that kit once it arrives and add a picture, and you’ll have $44 to spend on anything from Timberdoodle, even shipping! Here are all the details.

Deb: So Pearl, today we’re going to talk about Doodle Dollars: How do you get them? What do you do with them? Tell me what you know!

Pearl: Sure. Let’s start with what they are. Doodle Dollars are our reward point system for our customers who shop with us. You get them primarily by shopping online with us. I say “online” because they are automatically applied to your online account. That is where they accumulate. That’s where they get stored. If you place a phone order you can still get them but you will need to ask for them. They don’t automatically apply to phone orders. What they are is five percent back on everything that you purchase.

Deb: Everything?

Pearl: Well, that’s a good point. Close-out items don’t apply, and occasionally there will be another exception, if a manufacturer asks us not to apply that.

Deb: Currently I don’t think we have any like that. We had in the past, but not right now.

Pearl: So by and large, unless it’s a closeout item or a Damaged Sale item, you will get that five percent. So, if you ordered say a kindergarten Elite, that’s $39 that you have already in your account because you ordered.

Deb: Okay. What do you do with them?

Pearl: That’s a great question. So you redeem them to by going to your account, selecting how many you want to redeem, and there’s a little button “redeem” and then it gives you a gift certificate code and you can apply that to your next order, or any order, and basically, it’s just works like any other gift certificate. You can buy anything you want with it once you’ve added that to your account.

Deb: I’ve seen a whole bunch of people in the last month or so, because it’s back to school time, where they have used their Doodle Dollars because they forgot something. So they think they’ve got everything they need and, “Oh, I wish I had two of those…” or, “I wish I’d gotten this instead… or on top of…” or whatever. So then they’ll come in, they’ll use their Doodle Dollars. It will cover the item and it covers the shipping. That’s like getting something free. They really are a cool way to get free stuff.

Pearl: It’s a great thing. If you bought the curriculum you can afford. And now a little ways down the line you want to add something fun, something new. It’s a perfect way to do that.

Deb: Exactly. Or save them all up and use them at Christmas. All right. Anything else we should know?

Pearl: I think that basically covers it… Oh! You know what I did forget? I forgot that you can earn Doodle Dollars for writing reviews for us. So depending on which item you’re reviewing and whether you want to add a picture to the review, you can earn anywhere between 20 and 100 Doodle Dollar points, which would be the equivalent of $1.00 to $5.00 for each review you write.

Deb: Wow! But, now, there are some restrictions on that?

Pearl: There are. Lots of details. You can find them all on our site as to which items earn which amount of points and why.

Deb: But if you love to write that’s a great way to earn! If you have any questions, don’t forget to email us at…

Pearl: …!