How to Customize Your Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit

Tailor your child's curriculum with our easy-to-use Timberdoodle Custom Kit Builder.

How easy is it? The intuitive interface allows you to adjust any subject, remove items you already have, and choose alternates for STEM, art, etc.

Need more options? Let us know, and we will pass your ideas on to our development team as we continue to perfect this tool!

1. Which grade level do I choose?

Try the free placement tests! If you are still unsure, please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your child's results and we would love to help you find your starting point!

2. Is there a minimum to make a custom kit?

Yes. Since custom kits qualify for a lot of benefits (free handbook, discounted pricing, and free shipping to the lower 48 states) your kit will have to meet a few simple rules:

  • Each kit must meet minimum pricing of approximately $400.
  • And each customized kit must include minimum content in three out of five essential subjects.

That's it!

3. What if I need even more customization?

Our customer service team members are experts at next-level curriculum tailoring. Please just let them know how they can help! You can reach our custom kit team directly at, or feel free to call 800-478-0672 or chat via our website for assistance.

4. My child is between grades. What should I do?

If your child is primarily in one grade, start there so that your handbook and online scheduler will match the majority of your kit.

If your child is equally divided between multiple grades, our team would be happy to suggest which handbook would be more beneficial for you!

5. Will I get a custom handbook with my custom kit?

No, our preprinted handbooks include the items typical for your grade but not the substitutes.

The bulk of the handbook will apply regardless of your customizations: reading challenge, teaching tricks, articles, etc.

However, if you purchased a custom kit and need additional help to use the items not in your handbook, we would be happy to give you that further assistance.

6. Are there payment plans?

Yes! We work with Paypal and Klarna to offer you payment plan options if you would like to spread your payments out over the year.