How to Print Your Timberdoodle Schedule

[Note: This tutorial is also available as a video on YouTube.]

Now that you have your schedule set up, let’s walk through how to print it.

Login to your dashboard and click on Checklist.

There are different ways to view your schedule. Let’s look at the Schedule Overview first. By default this view loads not only your actual overview, but also your weekly and daily checklists. Just scroll down to see them all. Weekly checklists are color-coded by subject, while daily schedules at color-coded by day.

The are several different View Options in this drop-down menu. I’m going to uncheck the ones I don’t need. I just want the Weekly View this time.

To print it, click Download.

This brings up a print screen, but we’re not quite ready to print. I’m going to change the Destination to Save as PDF with this drop-down menu. I can check to make sure the schedule looks the way I want it to.

Now click Save. This will save the PDF file to my computer. This gives us a cleanly formatted file that is ideal for printing. I can open that file and print it at any time.

Next I want to format my daily schedule. I select Daily View and then adjust my View Options.

I want the Classic View. Large Font makes the type bigger. I don’t need that. But I will add the Unit Range and Date Range.

You’ll find your Digital Checklist in the left sidebar under Progress. Here you can check off each assignment as it’s completed.

If everything is done, you can even check off all tasks for the week at once.

Entry History shows logs of your changes in case you want to figure out how 10 math lessons were checked off in a single day or can’t remember if you’ve already logged today’s work or not.

And that’s how to print checklists with Timberdoodle’s custom scheduler. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you along your homeschool journey.

We hope you have the best of school years!