How to Set Up Your Timberdoodle Schedule

[Note: This tutorial is also available as a video on YouTube.]

Hello, and welcome to Timberdoodle’s Custom Scheduler! We’re going to jump right in here.

To set up your schedule go to

If you’ve used the scheduler before or have a account, enter that information here. If not, take a moment to sign up.

Once you do that, you’ll be prompted to login with your username or email address and password.

If your purchased curriculum was not added to your account automatically, just click “Use your code.”

You’ll be prompted to enter both your order number and the code found in your Handbook. It will be printed on or around page 3.

Your curriculum kit will then show up under Purchased Curriculum Kits. Click the Create Schedule button.

On the Edit Schedule screen enter your student’s name. This is also used as the name of the schedule so feel free to use first name only, your child’s nickname, or even something as customized as “Joe’s school with grandma” if you prefer.

Choose the date you want the schedule to start. I’m going to start August 1st.

Next note whether or not you want the curriculum scheduled Monday through Friday. If “no” you’ll be given the option to select which days you want to schedule. I’m going to go with Monday through Thursday. (Saturday and Sunday will be added as options later this year.)

You can schedule by the number of weeks you want to do school, or create your schedule with an end date. We’re going to end the Friday before Memorial Day.

Decide whether or not you want to schedule any curriculum breaks. It may be helpful to note that breaks do not change your school weeks or end date. It just moves the assignments off the break and redistributes them onto the other school days.

I’m going to put in a break for the week of Thanksgiving…then two weeks for Christmas… and another week after New Year’s Day. And let’s put in a long weekend break at the end of September. Once you have this page set up the way you want it click Save & Continue.

This will take you to the first curriculum subject, Language Arts. If everything looks good, of course, there is no need to edit it, but we are going to delete and add some courses to show you how you’d go about doing that.

The first course is All About Reading 3. Click Edit. Here we can decide how often we want to include this course and how we want it scheduled. That all looks good, so click Save to go back to the curriculum page.

Let’s look at Daily 6-Trait Writing. Click Edit. Let’s back load the units on this one. That means that the units will all be scheduled towards the end of the year rather than evenly spread throughout the year.

We’re going to use Lost Trail for fun reading instead of assigning it so we can delete that one from the checklist.

Now let’s click on Overview under Language Arts to take a look at our schedule.

That looks good. Let’s move on to Math.

We need a different level of math so let’s delete both of these items.

Uh-oh! That removed the Math subject entirely from the left sidebar. No worries! Here’s how we can add math back in. Scroll down to click on Add Course.

Since I didn’t mean to delete math I’m going to add in a placeholder course to get us back on track. For the course name I’ll put in “oops,” then scroll down to select Math as the Course Subject. I’ll need to put something in the “unit type” field so I’m just going to put in “pages.” It doesn’t really matter since this is just going to be a temporary placeholder. Then Save. Then Save & Continue.

Now Math shows up (with our “oops” course) on the Schedule Summary page but it’s still not showing up in the left side bar.

So we’ll go back out to the dashboard, click on Edit Schedule…

...and when we come back in there is Math in the sidebar where it belongs.

And there’s our “oops” course.

What I actually need is Math-U-See Alpha so I’ll go up to Add Additional Courses, find the Alpha level and click Add, then Save.

Now, I can delete the “oops” course.

The math schedule looks good so far.

Let’s add some Subtraction Wrap-Ups.

I'll click on Edit to check the schedule for the Wrap-Ups.

I’m just going to schedule those once a week, on Wednesdays, spread throughout the year.

We’ll check to make sure the math schedule still looks good, then move on to Geography.

I’m going to put in a long mid-year break for the GeoPuzzles. And Save.

Geography Schedule overview looks okay. On to Science.

I want to add our Science Lab Group to the schedule. So I’ll click on Add Additional Course...

...and put in Science Lab Group for the course name. Course subject is Science. Unit type will be “session.” We’ll meet with our group weekly… one time a week… on Tuesday.

I’m also going to add an additional course for “1000 Hours Outside.” This will help ensure we are getting those hours in every day. Course subject will be P.E…. Unit type is “hour.” I’ll the number of units to 1000. And spread evenly throughout the year. Save.

I don’t think I need to make any other changes but I’ll check my Schedule Summary just to make sure. Yes, that all looks good so I’ll Save & Continue. And we’re all set up!

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