Is Timberdoodle Curriculum Religious?

We pull from a wide range of resources, including numerous publishers and manufacturers, to create our curriculum kits. As a business owned by a Christian family, our faith and values are generally reflected in the curriculum choices we make, however not all of our material is explicitly Christian. We also include a number of resources from quality non-religious publishers as well.

The areas that most tend to reflect a Christian perspective are much of the science, history, and some of the critical thinking skills, though you’ll find Christian influence in some other resources as well. You won’t see that as much in the math or language arts. Having said that, we do have some math and language arts resources that are done from a Christian angle, as well as science and history options from a secular standpoint.

If you share our Christian faith, you can rest assured that we love to choose resources that reflect a solid Christian worldview. And in those occasions where resources from non-religious publishers present material that would be of concern to Christian families, we try to give you a heads-up as much as possible in our online reviews so those things don’t catch you by surprise. (No, the Christian-based resources we carry do not reflect the views of any particular denomination.)

We do recognize that not all homeschooling families share our faith, and we work with a number of families who are part of programs funded by public resources which cannot be used to purchase religious materials. So although we include Christian content in our curriculum by default, we do have non-religious alternatives available. These are top-notch curriculum options which didn’t reflect our family values as well as those which are in our standard kits, but all are carefully reviewed and selected to exceed your expectations for an engaging, memorable school year.

I do hope that helps! If you have questions or if there is any other way we can help, just let us know. We’re also be happy to walk you more specifically through any particular grade level you might be interested in.