Our Family's Daily Routine

We have twin kindergarteners and a young preschooler, so our academic day looks something like this:

1. Breakfast and morning routine

This portion of the day usually runs from 6-8 AM and includes getting dressed, morning chores, etc. Whoever gets their list done early is free to enjoy coveted playtime, or read/do art projects until the next part of the routine.

2. School with Grandma

The kids all look forward to this - we quickly learned that you dare not mention it to a toddler until you are actually ready to start! Thinking skills, art, geology, science, read-alouds, and even archery have been part of this fun time recently!

3. Outdoor time

Getting outside may mean a stroll down to the lake, a bit of swinging on the playground, or a walk up to see how the construction is coming on our new warehouse.

4. Early Lunch

We often read aloud during lunch, or grab a picnic to eat outside depending on the weather.

5. Nap & Big Kid Time

Our preschooler takes a long nap, which ends up being a perfect time to do more focused school time with the kindergarteners.

6. Quiet Time & Preschool

Our kindergarteners do best with a bit of space at some point in the day, so they take a quiet time where they can read or listen to CDs. This hour becomes a prime time to do focused work with the preschooler.

7. The Rest of the Day

After this, we go into our normal afternoon and then evening routines, which again focus a lot on outdoor play/work and a variety of sensory input. We can't wait to add swimming back to this list over the summer!