The Bible: It's Not Curriculum

It's So Much More!

Bible Isn’t Curriculum

Every year we are asked why we don’t include Bible courses as part of our curriculum kits. The answer? Bible is much bigger than a box on your school checklist. It should happen whether it’s a school day or not, whether you feel like it or don’t, and even whether you homeschool or *gasp* opt to send your children to school. On top of that, it desperately needs to be tailored to your family’s interests, time-frame, and perhaps even what you’re studying at church.

A Terrible Tragedy

During our conference tours, we visited with a mom who told us of her daughter’s horrific health problems, and the even more horrible response from local homeschoolers. Instead of empathizing with her and trying to help her find ways to get through each day, this mom’s friends told her what a failure she was to have not yet covered ancient history with her daughter. Ugh!

Academics Aren’t Everything!

This young teen is daily working through more pain than you or I have likely endured. Is ancient history really what she needs? I think not. Don’t you agree that the one thing she needs is a firm grasp on Jesus? Our encouragement to that mom was that school would be an amazing success for her daughter if she emerged from the pain knowing and loving God deeply, regardless of her academic knowledge.

What’s your priority this year?

Are you pressing in to help your children know Jesus more deeply this year? Is your number one goal perfect test scores or a genuine love for the gospel? Your schedule should reflect your plan, and if you need some tools to help kick-start that, we’d be delighted to point you toward some of our family favorites that just might change your life!

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