Why We Chose Math-U-See

Math-U-See is a comprehensive K-12 math curriculum that uses manipulatives to illustrate and teach the concepts. The Math-U-See manipulatives are more than a supplement. They are an integral part of the curriculum used from Primer through Algebra 1 levels, building each concept from place value through polynomials, all through the use of manipulative blocks, fraction overlays, and algebra/decimal inserts.

The lessons are short, and there are many opportunities for multisensory experiences, using tools such as videos and manipulatives.

Math-U-See books are organized into levels, not grades, so students can proceed at their own pace as they master concepts. This is particularly helpful for the child who is not performing at grade level but would rather not have a daily reminder.

If you are looking for a manipulative-based curriculum which ensures that your children will fully understand each mathematical concept before moving on to another one, then you have found it. For more than 20 years, Math-U-See's renowned mastery-based, multisensory, student-paced program has been the answer for countless families.

With simple, uncluttered pages, Math-U-See is clear, to the point, and effective. In Math-U-See, new ideas are introduced step-by-step in a logical order, while concepts that have been mastered are reviewed periodically.

Student workbooks are softcover. Occasional fun exercises, such as dot-to-dots and crossword puzzles, have been incorporated. Instruction manuals, however, are hardcover books and should last the lifetime of your teaching career. Complete answer keys with solutions are included for all problems at all levels--more a necessity at the upper levels than the lower ones.

Unlike our other math programs, Math-U-See does require a fair amount of parental involvement, especially in the younger grades. Math-U-See's teacher guide and supplemental DVD will teach you, the parent, not only how to solve a math problem but also why the problem is solved in this manner and when to apply the concept. On the DVDs, each lesson is demonstrated with such kind-hearted enthusiasm that I now understand why children line up at homeschool conferences to give the instructor, Steve Demme, a hug.

Every Math-U-See set purchased from us (with the exception of Calculus which does not require it), will also include the digital packs with lifetime access to streaming video versions of Math-U-See's instructional DVD, a PDF for the instruction manual, access to an online version of their digital manipulatives, and convenient links to a number of their free online resources. If you want to give your child an exceptionally solid mathematical foundation, if your child is shaky on the basics, or if you are just looking for a no-frills, commonsense program, you are sure to be pleased with Math-U-See. Much more information on all 13 levels and their individual components is available at the links below.

Reviews of Math-U-See

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