Timberdoodle Story #237

Timberdoodle Story #237

Today’s Timberdoodle Story shared by:

Samantha R. Of Missouri

What made you consider Timberdoodle for the first time?

I loved the complete kit and how everything was taught from books and not online.

Before you decided to use Timberdoodle, what was your biggest obstacle or concern about using a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit?

Probably the price or that it wasn’t accredited.

What helped you overcome that?

My child’s education is more important than a price tag and I realized that not many kindergarten schools are accredited.

If your friend decided to start homeschooling and felt overwhelmed, what would you tell her?

Try Timberdoodle!! It has everything you need and all the schedules set up for you!

Is there anything unique about your family that you’d like to share with us?

We’re a Christian family looking for something that didn’t teach evolution as a fact. Timberdoodle gave the option to opt out of the religious books.

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