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101 Doodle Definitions - Review Round-up

When your child needs to master unfamiliar words, hours of tedious memorization is not the only way. With 101 Doodle Definitions, your student will discover that by drawing a picture to remind him of a word, his brain will more readily remember the word’s meaning. 101 Doodle Definitions is fun. The words are hard. The drawing cues are spot on. 

We asked several families on our Blog Team to review 101 Doodle Definitions. Would you like to know what they thought? Check it out!

Family, Faith, and Fridays

Michele says, " I LOVE this book and the way it teaches.  Let's face it, when learning is fun, more knowledge is often attained.  In addition for all those visual learners out there, me included, this is a great way to make learning easier.  While I think 5th graders and up are probably the best bet for this book, if you have a kiddo who loves art or is a lover of words, I am betting they would do just fine with 101 Doodle Definitions." Read more...

Through the Open Window

Missica says, "Learning vocabulary words was always the most tedious and boring lesson for me when I was in school. I hated looking up the definitions, writing them all out, etc. to just forget them all after the test. It would take me hours to do a simple assignment because I always put off doing it. As a result, I have been more lenient with Mr. B because I didn't want to put him through the same torturous classwork! Well, that all changed when I discovered 101 Doodle Definitions from Timberdoodle!" Read more... 

So Every Day

Lacey says, "Basically, it’s a list of words.  But, more than that, it’s a creative way to help the words stick in the students’ minds.  Each word is on one page and there’s a step by step small drawing that helps to give a clue about the word’s definition... However, I am using the book differently this year. I’m teaching a co-op literature and writing class." Read more...

Cummins Life

Kathryn says, "This is a super fun way to teach children word definitions.  Instead of having to memorize unfamiliar words, the student will draw a picture to remind them of a word and they will more readily remember the word's meaning (Don't Just Memorize, Visualize!).  This mnemonic approach to learning and remembering word definitions covers 101 of the most-used words on standardized tests." Read more...

Project Happy Home