2020 Kits Retire This Week! />

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2020 Kits Retire This Week!

At noon on Thursday, April 1st, all 2020 Curriculum Kits will be retired from the website and available only by phone while supplies last. The 2021 Kits release for pre-orders in mid-April, and will include many of the same great components, plus an expanded reading challenge, new STEM tools in most grades, and other fun surprises.

Yikes! Should I Order Now?
If you're looking to start school in the next 4-6 weeks, you'll likely want a 2020 edition. (We are currently shipping most orders within 48-hours, though there may be slight delays as we move into our new warehouse.) If you're only ordering a basic kit and don't plan to use the reading challenge, there is also no need to wait!

However, if you're not starting school until June or later, plan to use the reading challenge, and want to see the new stuff, you're going to want to wait for the 2021 kits!

What About Sales?
We traditionally run a pre-order special on Complete and Elite Kits for a week or two when the new kits drop. This is the only time of year Timberdoodle kits are on special!

How Long Will 2021 Kits Take to Ship?
This will vary by grade and availability. All pre-orders are expected to ship in May, and we will have more specific grade-by-grade details available when you order. We do know a few items will be delayed and will ship to you later, but we are hoping to keep that list small!

Specific Recommendations for Your Family
While we can't unveil the nitty-gritty changes to the kits until the release date, we would love to help you in any other way we can. As always, please feel free to email us with any questions on assessment tests, ETAs, or anything else!

Coming Up:
  • April 1st: 2020 Kits Retire at noon PDT
  • Early April: Timberdoodle Moving Sale
  • Mid-April: 2021 Kits Launch
  • May: 2021 Kits Ship

    We anticipate closing our warehouse for a few days during our move. Watch for details on our website and social media as the moving date approaches.

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