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2021 Reading Challenges

Each curriculum kit handbook this year includes a Reading Challenge with grade-appropriate themes and diverse genres that will have you and your child reading a wide variety of titles. Hundreds, if not thousands (depending on your grade level), book suggestions are included in your handbook, and many categories are directly related to your student’s grade-level topics and content. This makes reading more enjoyable for everyone and provides flexibility as well! The 2021 Reading Challenge will prove to be a handy resource to build your library list and inspire your student reader.

Tiny Tots, Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten

With the Exploring My World theme, the reading challenge for the youngest children includes literally thousands of books suggestions for reading about animals, life skills, transportation,  nature, language, community, and so much more. Our “get you started” reading prompts are designed to set your child up for a lifetime of loving books.

1st-3rd Grades

We've included over three thousand book suggestions to facilitate the Exploring the Globe theme of the grades 1-3 reading challenge. You’ll explore life around the globe with a huge range of suggestions for each continent, alongside critical subjects such as health, STEM, nature studies, history, and so much more. Even as your child reads more and more books himself, we still encourage you to make read-alouds a key part of your day, so this book list is put together to provide options for both types of books.

4th-6th Grades

The theme for the 4th-6th grade reading challenge is Exploring the USA, with thousands of book suggestions included in your handbook. You’ll explore life around the USA with book ideas for each state, along with critical subjects such as health, STEM, nature, history, and so much more. And don’t worry, we aren’t proposing that your child read the tourist literature for each state. We’ve included our favorites of those, of course, along with many a fascinating story that just happens to be set in a particular state, giving your student a rich grasp of life across the states currently and historically. These reading prompts are designed to set your child up for a lifetime of enjoying books.

7th-12th Grades

You and your older students will appreciate the Exploring History and Literature reading challenge included in your handbook, with hundreds of book suggestions for seventh through twelfth grade. You’ll read widely on critical subjects such as world areas, health, STEM, nature, history, war, and so much more. These reading prompts are designed to help your child become a well-rounded reader and thinker.