8 Things to Love About Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits />

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8 Things to Love About Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits

1. Rich in Hands-on Learning
"We are loving this kit! It was great for me to be able to order one kit and have it come with everything I needed. We are loving Math-U-See and All About Reading. This kit comes with so many extras and hands-on activities. We appreciate all the learning activities and art opportunities! This is a total win for my active boy!" ~ Alexis

2. Easy to Customize
"I absolutely LOVE the ability to customize the curriculum kits to fit our family's needs. Thank you, Timberdoodle!!!" ~ AY

3. Every Kit is Packed With STEM
Your first-grader will build his first robots, your eighth-grader will learn how to fly airplanes, and your high-schooler will build a model engine and write code.

4. Easy to Use
"She asks me if we can do school every day because learning is so much fun for her... I love how you can customize their kits and create a flexible schedule. The handbooks Timberdoodle provides help you to feel like you can do this as a parent, they help you get organized and help you understand what to expect..." ~ Lauren P.

5. Focused on Thinking Skills in Every Grade
"We highly recommend these kits to anyone. Every subject is a lot of fun... I’m very happy that Timberdoodle puts a strong emphasis on critical thinking skills when so many others left that out... We are truly happy with this curriculum and I suggest it to so many others. It’s fun to teach and fun to learn." ~ Bethany

6. Divergent Learning - More Than Just the Right Answer
Yes, your child needs to learn convergent thinking, e.g. that 2 + 2 = 4. But don't forget divergent thinking! It is in use when he discovers that there is more than one way to build a bridge with blocks, to animate a movie about dinosaurs, or even simply to complete a doodle. Radically different from read-and-regurgitate textbooks, not only are divergent activities intellectually stimulating, but kids love them, too. See more on Youtube here.

7. Art is Important
“We LOVE this kit... There are so many ‘fun and artistic’ parts that my daughter loves doing and doesn’t realize just how much she’s learning while completing them.” ~ Anna

8. All-in-One Kits for Crazy-Smart Homeschooling
These kits include critical thinking skills, language arts, math, science, history, STEM, art, and more. Available for grades 0-12.