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A Poem From Our Grandpa

Happy National Poetry Month!

Today we share with you one of our Grandpa’s poems, Sunset at Sea. This poem was one of several of his poems read at his 90th birthday celebration several weeks ago. It was written about the time Grandpa first started writing poetry, while he was in the Navy during World War 2. In time, it became a tradition for Grandpa to compose a poem for each grandchild and great-grandchild on their birthday. Over the years, Grandpa has composed scores of poems, with topics from garage sales, to Christmas, to a visit to the dentist!


If I could just express the beauty of this sunset –

I would describe the picture as clouds, and sun, and sea met.

So beautiful was it – so glorious to behold –

The sky all painted bright in red and blue and gold.


That great round sun sinking down so low,

And setting all the clouds around aglow.

The edges were all tinted with a special hue

-Against a background of the softest blue.


Each moment as the sun dropped lower still

The color scheme kept changing – till,

The sun slipped right from sight.

The day had gently changed to night.


Yet in the sky some colors lingered on –

For just a moment longer and then were gone.

Another day had ended – I gave a little sigh –

I knew that all was well and God was nigh.