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All About Reading Reviews

This past year several members of our Blog Team had the opportunity to use All About Reading with their families. Find out what they thought in their posts below!

Pre-Reading Level

The Art Kit

Dana says, "If you’re looking for an open and go, lightly-scripted pre-reading curriculum for your homeschooler, All About Reading is the curriculum for you. Through its darling read-aloud books, craft projects, and fun zebra puppet, your child will absolutely love spending time learning about the alphabet." Read more...

Cummins Life

Kathryn says, "This particular set is designed for young learners in preschool through kindergarten.  The All About Reading Pre-reading builds a solid foundation by teaching five key skills:  print awareness, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, listening comprehension, and motivation to read.  Learning is set up to feel like play and I think that's why F is having such a great time with it." Read more... 

A Work of God

Amanda says, "I love that AAR gives you a quick overview of the lesson and then scripts the lesson on the next pages. I’m able to quickly gather our cards and any necessary supplies for our reading lessons because it’s all listed right there on the teacher prep page." Read more...

Level 1

Mama Smiles

MaryAnne says, "Anna loves hands-on learning, and I was intrigued by the multi-sensory component of All About Reading. The program uses word cards, stories, and magnetic letters to teach letters, sounds, and words." Read more...

Fil-Am Teacher Mommy

Michele says, "This school year for my first grader, we implemented All About Reading Level 1. All About Reading is a multi-sensory and mastery-based program. We were so excited to start All About Reading because of its approach to teaching and the comprehensiveness of the program." Read more...

Level 2

Mommy Octopus

Erin says, "I was a little nervous starting this program on Level 2 since we do not have any prior experience with this program.  I wondered if the kids would be able to follow along with the program without having the Level 1 complete.  It turned out to be just fine." Read more...

Level 3

Educating Everywhere

Jess says, "In a family of readers, it was hard for me to find a reading curriculum that kept the love alive and didn’t dull down reading into a boring requirement.  I have now found it!  All About Reading teaches in a way that keeps kids engaged and excited about reading." Read more...

My Penned Heart

Tina says, "As we ventured into the activity and reading books of level 3 my kids were enthralled! They are loving the short stories as well as the games and activities that come along with it. There is no doubt that All About Reading is an all inclusive program." Read more...

A to Z Learning Adventures

Carol says, "The flash cards have been a great tool for practicing words, letter blends, phonics of individual letter, vowel teams etc. I love the storage box and the dividers. It's easy to find what was mastered, needs review and what is up-coming." Read more...

Level 4

The Learning Momma

Ki says, "All About Reading is such an incredibly comprehensive curriculum that you will never need to supplement with other reading instruction in those early years. Its multi-sensory approach 'teaches phonics, decoding, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.'"