Around the World Mazes: Review Round-Up />

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Around the World Mazes: Review Round-Up

This past year several members of our Blog Team had the opportunity to use the Around the World Mazes book from Usborne with their families. Find out what they thought in their posts below!

Family, Faith, and Fridays

Michele says, "This beautiful, full color maze book has 45 mazes in it.  They begin fairly easy and get harder as you work through them.  Some are only one page, while others branch across a double page spread.  Each has a different travel theme, introducing new places and things to see." Read more...

Prego Helping Pregos

Melanie says, "My 6-year-old LOVES mazes. So, when Timberdoodle sent me this book to review he couldn't wait to look through it. He had no idea that it's actually part of a curriculum and that I was tricking him into learning. Each page is a different state or country. He learned that it snows in Norway, and he learned about the Great Wall in China. I love simple, easy, fun, learning." Read more...

Spark and Wonder