Black Friday Reviews from Our Blog Team />

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Black Friday Reviews from Our Blog Team

Our Blog Team has been busy lately reviewing several of the products included in our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

Check out their reviews of the Plus-Plus Mini Maker Tubes here.

Also, reviews of the Hey Clay sculpture kits are listed here.

For kids who love to paint (and what kid doesn't?) here are a few gift ideas:

uGears 4Kids Donkey and Cart

Joyful Wife Life

Amanda says, "My 10-year-old and 6-year-old did this activity. After the donkey was built I had each of them take turns and paint a side of it. It worked out very well and they loved the opportunity to paint and be creative.” Read more...

uGears 4Kids Knight on Horseback

Homework and Horseplay

Roxanne says, "The uGears Knight is very affordable and would make a great stocking stuffer this year! Jack is already asking if there are other models to paint and build, so I think it is safe to say he approves.” Read more...

Flanders Family

Jennifer says, "My son used a combination of gel pens and paint, with favorable results, although fine-tipped markers or colored pencils will also work. The gel pens and colored pencils allow a little finer detail than does the paint... But painting is such fun that my son chose that medium for the horse.” Read more...

Jump Into Genius

Marla says, "This puzzle/craft is sturdy, easy to assemble and leaves room for your child to get creative with coloring or painting. You could even buy several of these and your child can paint them differently for use in imaginary battle play.” Read more...

Batik Turtle

Just a Secular Homeschooler

Ronda says, "The Batik Painting Kit from Timberdoodle would make a nice gift for an artistically-inclined child. To add an educational component to it, talking about the history of batik and studying some of the batik fabric would round it out – but not everything needs to be educational. Some things can just be fun! And Mr. 3 was definitely all about the process and having fun with it." Read more...