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Building Blocks of Science Reviews

This past year several members of our Blog Team had the opportunity to use Building Blocks of Science with their families. Find out what they thought in their posts below!


Book 1

Spark and Wonder

Check out Rachael's video review!

Book 2

My Penned Heart

Tina says, "We ALL love this curriculum! Science has never been one of my strong suits and so when I started homeschooling it was the class I feared the most.We have tried multiple different sciences for elementary aged kids and this is the one I am sticking with. My kids not only learned many new things but they had fun." Read more...

Book 3

The Art Kit

Dana says, "If you or your child’s eyes tend to glaze over when learning about science – this may be the curriculum for you. I found the lessons easy to understand and enjoyed how the author made each lesson relatable to real-life situations." Read more...

Book 4

Mama Smiles

MaryAnne says, "I feel like the textbook is the greatest strength of this curriculum. It’s full of colorful illustrations, and the explanations are easy for kids to understand. Engaging examples help kids think through lessons." Read more...

Book 5


Lauren says, "Overall we really enjoy this curriculum and I could see us using it in the future. I like that it was hands on and brings in so much information. My son enjoyed the experiments and getting to use a lab notebook as he did them. I highly recommend this set!!" Read more...

Book 7

Homework and Horseplay

Roxanne says, "I think this is a very well written homeschool science curriculum. The pictures really bring the text to life and holds the attention of the reader. This is really important for our family because I have a few non-science-loving kiddos who usually complain through science lessons." Read more...