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Customized Placement Recommendation

Jessica, whose son is almost 5, had him take our Early Education Placement Test to help determine which Curriculum Kit would be most appropriate.

The results were inconclusive as he scored about half As with a mix of Bs and Cs in some areas. So Jessica submitted a request for a custom recommendation based on his score.

Here's what Joy recommended:

Thanks for sending in your child's assessment. It looks like he's doing really well in some areas, but isn't scoring equally well across the entire assessment. After studying it a bit, I can see two solid options:

1. Start Kindergarten, but take it slow and allow plenty of time for mastery of the subjects.

2. Stay with PreK this year, encourage him to advance at his own pace, and be ready for Kindergarten whenever he finishes.

I prefer the second option, for several reasons.

First, it lets him ease into increasingly formal schooling. PreK has even more hands-on and fewer workbook components than Kindergarten, and that can be really helpful to the beginning scholar.

Second, it is easier to skip ahead if a student is bored than it is to undo the frustration of an overwhelmed student.

Third, PreK is a super fun kit with many tools that even a first grader would enjoy "playing" with for school. He's going to have a blast with it, not be bored.

We actually have a little one whose birthday is a few weeks from your son's. She's about to begin PreK too.

Jessica responded:

Thank you so much for your response! That was very helpful in making our decision! We're going to go with Pre-K.

Do you have questions about placement for your child? Our team would love to help you with that. Feel free to contact us with the details and we'll be happy to offer some suggestions.