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Extracurricular Activities Round-Up

In this week's round-up we asked members of our Blog Team to share about the extracurricular activities their children are involved in and why they are important. If you are considering extracurricular activities to supplement your homeschool you may find these posts helpful.

How Our Large Family Handles Extracurricular Activities by Educational Roots.

Social Activities for Secular Homeschoolers by Just a Secular Homeschooler.

Virtual Field Trips You Can Take Right Now by The Art Kit.

The Very Best Piano and Music Theory Books for Young Musicians by Mama Smiles.

Music Activities for Toddlers by Mama Smiles.

Music and Parenting: Making the Most of a Powerful Parenting Tool by Mama Smiles.

Ice Hockey Championship by A Mom's Quest to Teach.

Camping with Kids by Roads to Everywhere.