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FAQs About Custom Kits

Did you know that more than half of the curriculum kits we sell are custom kits? 

It makes sense though, doesn't it? Since you're homeschooling, you definitely want to take advantage of that flexibility to give your math genius the difficulty level he craves or backtrack in spelling so he won't have gaps! 

Four of the most common questions we get about custom kits are below, along with answers. Do you have any other questions about custom kits? Or is there another way we may help you? Just email us, give us a call at 800-478-0672, or visit our site to live chat us - we'd love to assist you! 

1. How do I customize a kit?

There are several great ways to order your custom kit. Are you a DIY person? Most changes may be done online here. Just choose the kit you'd like to edit and remove or replace any items as needed.

Would you prefer more help? Just shoot us an email, chat, or phone call letting us know which kit you're customizing and what changes need to be made. We'll be happy to build you a custom kit. You can then pay by phone, online, or even through your charter school and we'll get your kit out to you.

2. Can I order a Custom Kit Through My Charter School?


Yes, most charter schools can order custom kits - check with yours for any special rules. Once you have the all clear, go ahead and build your kit online, add it to your cart to see your unique six-digit code, and then just make sure that your charter school includes your unique custom kit code with your P.O. Your code will look something like jA1x2M and allows us to pull up your specific kit and verify that we've made the changes you requested.


3. Will My Custom Kit Still Work With the Handbook?

Since the handbooks are pre-printed, your customizations will not be reflected in the book itself. However, each kit includes access to our online scheduler where you'll be able to make any customizations you'd like before printing. So your weekly checklist will include all your changes and be super easy to implement.

4. What's a Qualifying Kit?




A qualifying kit gets a free handbook ($45 separately), free ground shipping, and all the discounts of a kit. 

Qualifying is easy: just meet the minimum kit price of $400 and retain substantial curriculum content in at least three of the five main subject areas for most grades. Tiny Tots requires just the minimum price.

These main subject areas and items are marked on the customizer with checkboxes, making them easy to spot. You may substitute as many of these and other items as you like for your child (see the kit builder), but you may remove only two main subjects. 

This is the broad-brush explanation of kit customization. There is more information on our website, or always feel free to contact us and see what would be the best way to approach your student's specific needs.