I'm Looking For the Very Best Curriculum for My Dyslexic Son... />

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I'm Looking For the Very Best Curriculum for My Dyslexic Son...

I’m looking for the very best curriculum for my dyslexic son. He is going into the 4th grade. He doesn’t read on grade level so I’ve been reading everythng to him. Please let me know what you have to offer.
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Before I answer your question specifically, I have to mention that we have been very impressed with a local OVD (I think that is the right acronym), a doctor who specializes in vision therapy and addressing some of the root causes of dyslexia and other issues. I know you are not anywhere near local, but the video here gives you an idea of what a good clinic looks like and how it can work: http://www.hopecliniconline.com/you_tube_hope_clinic.php If this looks like it might possibly be helpful, then here is a link to the mainstream site so you can find a close doctor: http://covd.org/ I realize you may already be doing this, but just in case it might prove helpful…

As far as 4th grade curriculum goes, we typically recommend our Curriculum Kits.

I actually think this could be a very good fit for your son. Both science and history are designed as read-aloud programs with accompanying activities/experiments. Teaching Textbooks Math is computerized and therefore he can listen to all the lessons. The language arts programs all feature short, manageable lessons which will address necessary skills without being overwhelming. There is also a short daily math word problem and geography lesson – again, being brief will likely help ease frustration. We even include 3 graphic novels, making reading more fun (and providing context in an age-appropriate way) and Thinking Putty to manipulate while you read.

There are 2 things I would consider changing though. Thinking skills is covered by Building Thinking Skills book 2, but if he hasn’t done any of this series yet, I would definitely go back and start with book 1. He won’t find it babyish, and the visual portions in particular will likely be foundational for him.