Look Inside a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit />

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Look Inside a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit

I wish we could sit down at our kitchen counter with each of you as friends and talk through a Timberdoodle Kit. Wouldn't it be so fun to think about your child and how a Timberdoodle kit would work spectacularly for him or ought to be customized to make it perfect? 

But since that isn't really possible, let's do the next best thing and walk through a kit virtually. We've chosen first grade, since many of you have a first-grader and since it is a pretty fair representation of all Timberdoodle Kits. We’ll describe each item in the Elite editions of the kit. 

As always, we are here to serve you. If you have questions, comments, or even concerns, please don't hesitate to reply to this email, give us a call (800-478-0672) or chat us online. We can't wait to help! 

Look Inside First Grade

The Handbook

Extremely simple and easy to use, your handbook will get you up and running - today - without being overwhelmed, bored, or confused. There have been some significant upgrades this year, including hundreds of reading list ideas!

Online Scheduler

Importantly, you’ll have access to our exclusive online scheduler that builds you a custom weekly checklist. Your child will check off items as he finishes them, allowing him to work at his own pace and interest each week while also keeping you both on task to finish it all this year.

Language Arts

The backbone of language arts is All About Reading Level 2. You’ll spend 20 minutes each school day on this all-in-one, phenomenally designed program.

We’ve also added Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 1, a quick and easy writing program, along with Spelling You See Level B and Rory's Story Cubes Actions. Spelling You See is a phonetically-based spelling program, designed to reinforce your student’s reading skills. Rory’s Story Cubes is a fun game to practice storytelling, a foundational literary skill.


Math-U-See is manipulative-based, comprehensive, and teaches using videos alongside the text. (If your student is not quite at grade level or advanced beyond typical first-grade math we offer free kit customization!) 

Wrap-Ups Addition and Subtraction provide portable math drill manipulatives. Perhaps most fun though is Möbi Kids, a crossword-style math game that may be played competitively or solo.

Thinking Skills

Have you ever noticed that a child who knows how to think has a massive advantage over a student who simply knows how to plug in a formula? This year’s Critical And Creative workbook provides a curriculum that overlaps the logical and the imaginative.

With miniLUK Sets A & B your child will place tiles on the board to answer the 280 challenges. This is an engaging, hands-on, game-like way to teach the thinking skills previously only taught with a pencil in hand.

Smart Cookies teaches logic using delicious-looking cookies. The 64 brain-building puzzles come in a sturdy visual clue book. If the round red cookie must go on the bottom row and the yellow square cookie must not touch it…


The Story of the World Volume 1 is the core of your history, teaching ancient times using a captivating read-aloud packed with stories. You’ll supplement with as many activities from the activity book as your child has the time and interest for this year. Your audiobook makes this a very portable part of schoolwork. You’ll supplement with Famous Figures of Ancient Times, to make history come alive.


Skill Sharpeners Geography teaches key map skills and geography concepts with little fuss on your part. Your child will also enjoy the rugged, wrinkle-friendly world ScrunchMap. And as the “cherry-on-top,” your child will enjoy 64 Map Mazes to build pencil skills and geographical familiarity using vibrant scenes from around the world.


Did you know we offer two versions of each grade's curriculum kit? Our standard first-grade kits include the Science in the Beginning Set, a vibrant and rich science curriculum taught from a creation perspective and featuring loads of hands-on experiments for the whole family to complete together. 

Our non-religious/charter-school-friendly edition of this kit includes Building Blocks of Science instead. This friendly course introduces students to the five core scientific disciplines of chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy using a student textbook and workbook.


Has your child played with Plus-Plus yet? Plus-Plus pieces grip without slipping and come apart without effort. Your handbook includes a 36-week course which will have your child building both convergent and divergent models. 

Your child will also get his first taste of robots with Robotis PLAY 600 Pets. The kit includes step-by-step assembly instructions to build up to seven moving pet robots, plus he will add his own designs.


There are four main components in your art kit this year. First off is What's New? What's Missing? What's Different? which inspires your young learners to discern both broad and subtle differences and respond creatively. Your child will complete two intricate, frameable watercolors using the Aquarellum Cosmos Set. To exercise divergent thinking (problem-solving!) your child will enjoy working through Outdoor Adventure Doodles completing each engaging scene. 
Finally, Do Art Coloring with Clay is a brilliant clay coloring kit that uses pre-printed boards and vibrant clay for children to create amazing, eye-popping works of art.

Learning Tools

Does it surprise you that dough is in your learning tools? Don’t be shocked - we’ve found that a friendly fidget like Mad Mattr makes watching math lessons, listening to history, and so much more of the daily work enjoyable. 

We also include Spectrum Test Practice - 1st Grade. If your state, like ours, requires end-of-the-year testing, this is the perfect way to familiarize your student with how to take a test. It also allows you to review topics most likely to be on the test and make sure that they are fresh in your child’s mind.

Time Spent

If that seems like a long list of items to you, you’ll be thrilled to know that 48% of families found it to take 2-3 hours a day. 25% found it to take 3-4 hours, and everyone else fell outside those ranges. Allow yourself some time to fall into a rhythm that works well for you, but know up front that it really doesn’t have to take all day to give a top-notch education.

Basic, Complete, Elite?

Each grade is available in several editions. Wondering what that means? That's a good question!

  • Basic. Most economical way to cover the essentials. You'll need to add science, history, and hands-on supplements. 
  • Complete. Includes everything in the Basic kit + more! Covers all your bases, including science and history.
  • Elite. Includes everything from the Basic and Complete kits + more!
    Includes all the bits and pieces that make your homeschool sparkle!