Making Camel Bags />

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Making Camel Bags

There are dozens of ways to make camel bags. Ours are very crudely made and yet have served us well for many, many years.

Here is what you will need:

  • 2 yards of burlap
  • glue gun
  • coarse glitter

Fold in half lengthwise, for easier cutting and cut so that the finished piece measures 72 by 24 inches. We drape our bags over the back of our dining room chairs. If your chairs are appreciably wider or narrower, you may want to adjust the second measurement.


Using a glue gun, glue along all the edges...

...and fold over about 1 inch so that the burlap does not

Fold over 16 inches from each narrow end. These will form the pockets for your camel bag. Using the glue gun, glue and finger press these pockets down.

On the outside of one of the pockets, use a permanent marker and write the name of the child.

Trace the name with the glue gun and sprinkle heavily with large course glitter, carefully pressing the glitter into the burlap. If your burlap is woven especially loose, you may wish to slip a piece of cardboard into the pocket first, to prevent the pocket from being glued shut.

Shake off the excess glitter.

Hang and enjoy!