Meet 3 Families from Illinois />

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Meet 3 Families from Illinois

Bethany of Central Illinois

Mom, dad, brother, brother, brother, brother, baby coming soon!


JL of Chicago, Illinois

  • Dad-Pilot
  • Mom-SAHM
  • E-6 just finishing kindergarten with a Timberdoodle Kit!
  • J-3 works with a preschool Timberdoodle Kit!

We all love to travel and usually go somewhere every few months. Dad likes to fish, work on our 1937 Plymouth and collects wine. Mom has her degree in anthropology, reads as much as possible, does lots of sewing and crafting and was a flight attendant bf having kids and met dad at work. E is smart, stubborn and independent but the sweetest girl around. J is kind, active, loving and friendly. They kids generally play very well together and definitely are best friends most of the time.


Marisa of Illinois

There are three people in the household. Marisa (mother),Gilberto (father), and Oliver (son). Marisa is a homemaker and stays home with Oliver whom is a toddler. Gilberto works for FedEx. We like arts and crafts, video games, board games, and spending time out of the house.


How do you Timberdoodle?

Bethany: Heard about you from a blog. Not much experience yet but have liked checking out the catalog.

JL: When we officially decided to homeschool I was so overwhelmed and searched every Facebook group and Googled all curriculums and fell in love with you because there was no guess work. Everything was laid out for me.

Marisa: I first heard of Timberdoodle through YouTube. We have the Tiny Tots kit which allows my son to be hands-on with all the toys. He loves the rocket, the tactile set with the patterns, the books, and Dimple Duo. We read almost every day. He plays with Dimple Duo everyday. He pushes a color down and I say the name. I follow his lead on learning. He is very independent and likes to do everything himself.


Tell us about a typical school day at your house.

Bethany: We do school when our two little guy naps around 9:30. Then we all have lunch together, tidy, rest and sometimes do more school during afternoon naps.

JL: J has Kiddie College through the park district MWF 9:00 - 11:45 so E and I homeschool kindergarten then. We take all of our activities with us and use an empty room. 9:00 - 9:30 we do reading. 9:30 - 10:30 she has Play School in the next room which is just playing. 10:30 - 11:45 we can usually knock out everything else on our schedule. We do extra science experiments, reading, puzzles and blocks at home on the other days.

Marisa: Oliver is only two. We play most of the day.


If we peeked inside your home on a random Wednesday afternoon, what would we see?

Bethany: Who knows. We aren’t too scheduled.

JL: Probably a lot of crafts and toys.

Marisa: Oliver running back and forth. Hide and seek, help cook, arts and crafts.