Meet 6 Families from Indiana />

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Meet 6 Families from Indiana

Meet Logan S. of Montpelier, Indiana

  • Dad (Jason)
  • Mom (Kelly)
  • and me, Logan

My dad is a boss at Nesco Rentals, my mom stays home and takes care of me and is my teacher, too. We are a very musical family. We love to play instruments and sing. We learn gardening and every day things we need to know to survive. We have 2 dogs. Mowgli is my emotional support dog. He is a Golden-Doodle. Tango is our new puppy. He is a Belgian Malinois.

Meet Britt of Indiana

  • Dad
  • Mom
  • TuckTuck
  • TanMan

Air traffic control, baking, and exploring.

Meet Michele S. of Franklin, Indiana

  • My husband, Scott, is a 20 year veteran police officer in our city.
  • I, Michele, am a stay-at-home mom, educator, cook, housekeeper...😊
  • Our son, Parker, is a 7 year old, first grader that loves to draw.

Meet Meg of Westfield, Indiana

  • Mom: part time labor nurse, full time mom and teacher
  • Dad: mechanic
  • Molly: 8yo, oldest child and mini parent. Loves crafts and her boxer, Roxy.
  • Izzy: 6yo, middle child a.k.a. princess. Loves to color and cuddle her cats.
  • Linc: 2yo, baby of the family. Loves Play-Doh and annoying his sisters.

Meet Rachelle T. of Indiana

Brent and Rachelle, grain and hog and cattle farm. We also raise grass fed beef.
Our children are:

  • Riley and she watches one of our grandsons and has learned a lot since he has a feeding tube.
  • Brody and Brayson are next. Our two sons at home have a small business of breeding and selling AKC labs.
  • Ashlyn and Jordyn are youngest two daughters enjoy gymnastics.

Meet Ashley of Indiana

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • E
  • A
  • T
  • C

How do you Timberdoodle?

Logan:love Timberdoodle. I am Autistic and this curriculum has helped me so much. I love everything about it and most of all the hands on activities. My mom found Timberdoodle on the internet. My favorite products are the reading books and the history books and cds. I loved making putty and the globe 3d puzzle. We get up in the morning and work for 3 to 4 hours then later we read or do a fun project together.

Britt: Friends. Full curriculum box. We learn while exploring!

Michele: We are a first-year Timberdoodle family. We found Timberdoodle via homeschool curriculum searches on the Internet. As a previous public school teacher, I knew I wanted certain curricula (Math-U-See and All About Reading) for our son. Finding Timberdoodle was great for me because it took the weight off of my shoulders for planning each subject, incorporated Biblical based learning, STEM activities and so many hands-on experiential learning opportunities. One of our favorite pieces of curriculum this year has been the miniLUK set! It allows me time to prepare and Parker is engaged and practicing many skill sets and definitely thinking critically! He enjoys the challenging puzzles.

Meg: We found Timberdoodle through another homeschool mom. I wanted something hands-on and fun! Once we looked at the website, we knew we had found our curriculum! We love all things hands-on: games, science kits, story blocks, etc.

Rachelle: I have gotten some random items from Timberdoodle to supplement their learning. I have never jumped in to a whole kit. But I think it looks really good!

Ashley: I learned about you from a friend and fell in love with all of your choices. This is our second year doodling.

Tell us about a typical school day at your house.

Logan: We start when we get up. No certain time, just once we get up and have breakfast then we get started! We do math, reading, English, arts, science, history and geography, then a fun project. My chores are cleaning my room, cleaning up my dirty dishes and whatever my mom ask for me to help with. And I help take care of my dogs.

Britt: Mid-morning, starting with math and language. Wrap up after lunch with reading, science, STEM activity and social studies. Chores happen before dinner!

Michele: We typically start school a bit after breakfast. We work thru All About Reading lessons and Math-U-See. Our son then has free time to choose an educational activity while I prepare lunch. After lunch, we complete our remaining subjects: Spelling You See (daily), Science in the Beginning (2-3 weekly), Daily 6 Writing (4 times per week), Critical and Creative Thinking, The Story of the World History (3-4 times a week), and Geography. A typical school day is about 2-3 hours for us. We love that school can be flexible and fit our lives and that I am able to witness my son’s “aha” moments in learning.

Meg: We start school right after breakfast. Most days we are done by lunch and the kiddos get the rest of the day to play and be kids. In between playtime they help with chores, take care of pets and spend a lot of time on what we call “life lessons.”

Rachelle: Between 7:30 and 9:00, depending on their age. They each have a morning chore and other responsibilities throughout the week. We have all three meals at home usually. We like to eat together especially at supper time. It’s a priority. We cover spelling, language, math, history, science, Bible time individually, and I live to read to the younger ones! Some writing too.

Ashley: We usually start after breakfast and work until lunch and then finish after lunch whatever is left then chores and dinner prep.

If we peeked inside your home on a random Wednesday afternoon, what would we see?

Logan: You would see my mom and me doing some school work and laughing together while I learn new things. And my dogs lay beside us to learn new things to. Then we do fun art stuff and I help mom make snacks and lunch so I can learn to cook to!

Britt: Wrapping up school for an early dinner to head off to church.

Michele: If you peeked in on a Wednesday afternoon, you would possibly see a Science in the Beginning experiment (my little one loves Science), free reading time, or The Story of the World lesson including a fun craft or cooking related activity. Afternoons are full of learning based fun here.

Meg: We would be doing school in the morning while the 2-year-old sleeps. Then we would be spending the majority of the day playing outside or at the pool when it’s warm enough! Our favorite part of homeschooling is that our kids can enjoy their childhood!

Rachelle: We might have our grandson Summit keeping Riley busy. The boys very possibly would be outside or working on some advertising for their dogs. The girls would be doing a craft or drawing or gymnastics.

Ashley: We are sitting either sitting around the couch or at the kitchen table finishing our school work.