Meet Julie P. of Topeka, Kansas />

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Meet Julie P. of Topeka, Kansas

We have Caleb who is 10. He loves Minecraft, Cub Scouts, baking, and being outside. Leo is 7 and our family clown. He loves dinosaurs, reading, being goofy, and exploring. I always say we don't need a pet because we have Leo. He can be any animal you ask for! Dad is great for building stuff and teaching the boys how to build stuff. He is always up for showing the boys how things work. He also is an amazing cook for our family. He works all day but is never too tired for fun with the kids. Me.... Mom is busy with homeschooling, Cub Scouts, and attempting to clean the house. When I am not doing that I am either reading or knitting!

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How do you Timberdoodle?

I have been using Timberdoodle since the begining! I got so overwhelmed when trying to pick out a curriculum. I didn't know where to start and how to make sure I got every subject that the boys needed to learn. I stumbled across Timberdoodle and was so excited that they packaged up everything that I needed for the grades that we were studying in. We use Timberdoodle daily! We do workbook schooling in the morning and the afternoon we pull out all the fun activities that Timberdoodle sends. The favorites are geography, geography puzzles, gravity maze, and robot kits.

Tell us about a typical school day at your house.

We start at 9:00 in the morning. We work until lunch and then after lunch we do fun, education activities.

If we peeked inside your home on a random Wednesday afternoon, what would we see?

Wednesday afternoon can be several different activities. Once a month our zoo has a zoo class that the boys love to attend. You could find us making cookies, reading, or playing with a game!

What books have you read over and over?

  • Little Women
  • Harry Potter
  • Goodnight Moon

What tips do you have for surviving a hard day?

Taking a minute and breathing. I like to sit in my walk-in closet and just chill for a moment.

What’s something your child has done that thrilled your soul?

Seeing it click in their brain. When they have worked and worked on something and seeing it finally clicks. I also have the most compassionate little boys. They always want to take care of everyone. Makes my heart happy.

How does your family celebrate birthdays?

We like to make them feel extra special. I decorate the night before after they are asleep. Daddy takes the day off and they get to plan their perfect day!

What have you done recently for the first time?

I went on a knitting retreat with a friend for a whole weekend... With no kids! It was amazing.

What’s your favorite school day lunch?

Homemade pizza.

How would you manage if you had to homeschool without the internet?

The only problem we would have is ordering our curriculum set from Timberdoodle. We don't use the internet for school!!

What tips do you have for other families?

Communication! When I need a break I make sure the husband knows. I also make sure to communicate with the kids a lot. It is ok to let them know if you are having an off day.

What is something you appreciate about each of your kids?

Caleb is my tender heart. He is always there for hugs and kisses. I swear he is an emotional barometer and can tell when someone needs extra love.

Leo has an amazing imagination. He is so entertaining and so knowledgeable about the animals dinosaurs he loves.

What song is currently in your head?

Memories by Maroon 5.

Tell us about your family’s favorite games.

My boys are big Minecrafters. They are always building amazing cities on the game.

What is your exercise routine and how often do you do it?

The boys take an afternoon walk every day after lunch.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in your homeschool that you called a “science experiment”?

My favorite is the white flowers and food dye.

What hard thing are you planning to do this year?

Just making sure to get everything done!!

What did you do just for fun with your kids recently?

Went and threw rocks at the frozen lake!

What would you name your boat if you had one?

True Love. (Bonus points if you can tell me what that is from!)

If you could learn a new skill, what would it be?

Sewing! I knit and crochet but I would love to learn to sew.

What’s the last recipe you looked up?

Cowboy cookies.

What apps do you use the most?

Instagram and Amazon Kindle.

If you could sum up your homeschool style or philosophy in one phrase what would it be?

Get it done, unless it is nice, then let's go outside!

What do your kids want to be when they grow up?

  • Caleb - a chef
  • Leo - archaeologist and paleontologist

What extracurricular activities is your family involved in?

Cub Scouts.

If you have a moment to yourself what do you like to do?

Read, knit or crochet.

What’s your favorite school day breakfast?


What’s the best homeschool field trip you’ve ever been on?

The public library.

The grocery store cashier asks, “But what about socialization?” What do you say?

Our city has a really good homeschool group and also we do Cub Scouts.

What do you do for fun as a family?

Movies, hike, play games.

How do you continue to educate yourself?


What are favorite healthy snacks at your house?


What’s the best museum you’ve ever gone to?

The science museum in Houston.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in homeschooling?

My extended family doesn't support us.

What is your favorite thing about having kids?

How much they love me!!

What’s the best vacation you have ever taken as a family?

The coast of Washington and Houston.

List 3 frivolous things you are enjoying right now.

  1. Hershey kisses
  2. a new crochet blanket pattern
  3. a comfy bed

What’s your favorite in-a-pinch dinner option?


Share a favorite organizational tip.

Lots of shelves from IKEA.

What special gifts or talents to your kids have?

  • Leo his imagination
  • Caleb his creativity

Tell us something unique or unusual about your family.

We would all prefer to stay home!

What’s making you laugh these days?

Leo's velociraptor impersonation.

What do you do for P.E. in your homeschool?


Share a favorite inspirational quote.

My heart is a heavy burden.

What’s your best time of day to homeschool?


Tell us something interesting about your local area.

Flint Hills.

What dream for your family has come true?

Just being able to be home with the boys. I am so thankful for my husband who works so hard so I can!!

What’s the most useless talent you have?

I can balance spoons on my nose.